The gishwhes Hunt for 2017 has concluded. Our judges have determined a winner. Congratulations and [redacted] bouquets to our 2017 gishers winner, our runner-up teams, and to all gishers everywhere. Your kindness, weirdness, and creativity are what makes this #gishwhes family special. Thank you.


This year’s winning team is: PURGATORGY


This year’s runner-up teams (listed in reverse chronological order based upon their star sign divided by an average of their heights times the square root of how pungent their morning breath is and does not reflect any other order placement) are:

  • DeathLovesPizza
  • KaleoftheLord
  • Subtext
  • MonkeyBrigade
  • Captain
  • Gnomad
  • RaisedFromPerdition
  • Scrumtrulescent
  • TeamFreeFabulous
  • DeusExMishina
  • Mishap
  • VaticanCameos
  • Bicycle_Touring
  • FreeWill
  • TrashBrigade