My friends,

The winds have shifted in our society in recent months, and to try to pretend everything is “business as usual” feels disingenuous to me. We’re facing a tumultuous moment in history, filled with the capacity for tremendous darkness. All around the world, we’ve seen a rise in uncertainty, divisiveness, and even fear.  

But I see this not as a time for despair, but as a time for action. At this moment, we’ve got to fight harder than ever to shake the world— and ourselves— out of a state of complacency and helplessness… or worse: hopelessness.

Trying to make the world a little brighter and better is what I’ve always hoped I would do when I grew up. Truthfully, that’s why I started gishwhes: it was a game that brought a little light into people’s lives and gave them a chance to bring that light to their families and communities.

But lately, when I talk about GISH and highlight the silliness and fun of it, it has felt off-base. In our current global climate, this year’s Hunt isn’t just fun, it’s a catalyst for change. And in these dark times, we all need that change— that light— more than ever.

We’ve done a lot together over the years. Gishers have not only had strange, fun adventures together, you’ve materially changed the world in the process. Through this game, you have helped build orphanages and schools, saved Syrian refugee families, helped make a home for wounded veterans, preserved 60 square miles of critical habitat in Nepal, donated bone marrow to kids with cancer, and helped hundreds of thousands of people inject kindness and creativity into communities in over 100 countries. So yes, GISH is fun and silly, and yes, it will give you an excuse to break out of your routine, but GISH also hatches good, giving us a way to playfully make the world a little better… and frankly, we all need that sort of thing right now.

So consider this your call to arms: I’m challenging you to join me this year as we unite forces to create an unstoppable army of good. For as much as this moment feels filled with darkness, together, we’re capable of pushing back against the shadows by producing one hell of a bonfire of good all around the world… So let’s set the world on fucking fire.

You are a part of a movement, an uprising— in the truest sense of the word. We are going to rise up and pave the way for compassion, adventure, joy, and creativity. Together, we’ll lift up the world around us and shake things up— for good. You are the very definition of civil unrest… and creative rebellion.

So let’s be rebels with a cause.

Registration closes soon, so rally your friends and family and come join me in the fight.

— Misha

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