Change A Life Update: Syria

Khawla & our Change-A-Life Ambassador, Giles Duley

When she was 8-years-old, Khawla and her family were forced to flee Syria after their home was bombed and their father killed during the conflict.

By ten, she was working in a soap factory, earning less than $10 a day, trying to help support her brothers and sisters. As Khawla put it, “It seemed all paths for my future were blocked. I had no hope.”

But thankfully Giles DuleyGISH and Random Acts were able to help. Due to your support, Khawla is back in school, and over the last three years, she has been working hard to catch up on her education and fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor.

This week is her sixteenth birthday, and to celebrate this moment and all her achievements in school, we took her on a shopping trip to get some new clothes.

“I want you to know,” she said, “this is the first time anybody bought me a present. I’m so happy. Thank you.”

Our Change-A-Life program seeks to fundamentally improve the circumstances for people and communities experiencing overwhelming hardship. Our 2019 campaign is shaping up to be our boldest endeavor so far. Join the Hunt now to come aboard for our most ambitious effort yet…

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