CHILLAX in the Wild

It’s the best week of the year, and lucky you, you get to spend it hanging out with your good buddy, Chillax! You’ve both decided to take a break from your free-diving adventures and spend some time enjoying the wonders of the natural world! 

As you were planning your relaxing trip to the woods, Chillax had a few preferences that he wanted to make clear, so he could enjoy his naps in nature:

Chillax loves being out in the wilds and around the natural world, but the sounds of the noisy, human world often disrupt his mellow with their loud, startling, din, and he isn’t cool with them, pal. He’d really like to meditate or snooze where he can be around other animals–they make him feel cozy and safe.

When Chillax is around the things he loves, he changes color to brown, like the soil.
When Chillax is around the things he likes, he shifts his colors to gray, like the stones.
When Chillax is stressed and around things he dislikes, he turns green, like the trees.

Color the things in the image below based on what color Chillax turns around them, and he’ll help steer you toward your next destination!