As a participant of GISH, you agree to abide by the “Rules and Regulations” and the “Consent, Release, Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement.” In addition to these agreements, you must strictly adhere to following these Commandments. If you violate the Rules and Regulations or break a Commandment, you and your team are eligible for immediate disqualification. If a commandment is unclear, you are not permitted to contact support. We suggest you send a smoke signal or ambidextrous carrier pigeon with your question to 34°6’21.838 N, 118° 17’ 13.721 W.


How to Play The Hunt:  The Scavenger Hunt will begin Saturday, July 31, 2021, at 7 AM PT and end on Saturday, August 7, at 10:59 PM PT (“Hunt Period”). During the Hunt Period, teams of Participants will compete against one another to find and/or create specified items (“GISH Items”), record these items as images or videos, and submit links to these images and videos on the GISH Scavenger Hunt website,


On July 31, we will post a list (The Item List) on our site of things for you to do, make, or find. Each Item has points assigned to it. You choose which Items to attempt, and then you have a week to complete as many of them as you can. We dare you to try to complete them all successfully — or just ONE of them so well that it ends up in a museum 2,000 years from now. 


Once you complete an Item, take a picture or video of it (you’ll be told which in the item description) and upload it to our site. You get points for completed items. The team with the most points wins the Grand Prize of the Hunt.


The App. It’s free and you definitely want it. Need it. Covet it. Shouldn’t wander the world without it. It has a map! And friends. Use it to find them around you, or on the other side of the planet. Chat with people from around the world. Build your teams. Win prizes when we do that sort of thing. If you aren’t already living that GISH life, get the GISH app and make it happen.



1.Registration. You are only permitted to compete in GISH if you are kind of weird and weirdly kind. No haters, bullies, or hostile personalities allowed!

2. Eligibility. To be eligible for the Grand Prize, you must register and electronically sign all registration documentation. All participants must be at least 14 to compete and must read and agree to the GISH “Rules and Regulations”. Any minors on the winning team must meet our attendance requirements for the Grand Prize.

3. Rights.
We intend to share your stunning Item Submissions with the world. Therefore, by competing, you agree to the Rights and License stipulations as detailed in the “Rules and Regulations”. In addition to agreeing to these terms, you also agree that we may use your Submissions as needlepoint pillows, nose-warmers, cootie-catchers, or as a homing beacon as determined by the whims of our Grand Judge, who shall heretofore be identified only by his nom de plume or his alias, but not the one that you don’t already know. (You’ll be quizzed on this at exam time.) In short, what’s yours is ours. Capiche?

4. Updates. We will post updates through both our app and our website whenever we damn well please during the Scavenger Hunt (FKA GISH). Items may be added or removed from the List without notice. Rules may be changed mid-Hunt without advance warning, so stay on it and don’t complain if something changes and you’re asleep at the wheel. You may stalk the Updates, but not GISH personnel. Celery stalking is also prohibited without written approval of the vegetable in question.

5. Behavior. You are not permitted to physically, emotionally, or psychologically hurt, berate, bully, or otherwise attack yourself, another participant, or anyone inside or outside the Scavenger Hunt. We take this rule seriously! Any abuse of other participants during the Hunt whatsoever or for any reason will not be tolerated. If you feel the need to attack someone– including yourself– don’t. We mean it. This doesn’t mean you can’t disagree, and note that we’re not going to mediate casual disputes—we trust you to work those out amongst yourselves with respect and decency. But all behavior on the app or any other GISH platform, past or present, real or fictional must be kind and no abuse will be tolerated. This includes being unkind to animals and other living things in any way. Violators could be penalized with loss of respect, loss of points, loss of access to our Bunker for midnight pool parties, or even GISH banishment. Be cool.  

5a. Conflict Resolution. All minor conflicts and disputes between teams or teammates must be resolved through a zoom battle of the bands — the Gisher who can shoot a rubber band the longest distance or stretch it without snapping, at the dueler’s discretion wins. In the instance of an escalated minor conflict, the Gishers may resolve the dispute by filing a torte (Black Forest Cherry, or blackberry only) with GISH management. 

6. Breaking the Law. Some of the items in the Scavenger Hunt may be illegal to perform in some corners of the world. It is your responsibility to assess the local legality of your actions during the Hunt, plus, we only read legal jargon for pleasure. If you believe completing an Item will cause you to break a law, DO NOT DO THAT ITEM. We simply don’t have the patience to assess the Civil Codes that govern all the world’s municipalities and townships, so we leave it to you to know your region’s laws. In other words, (a) you are not permitted to break any law in an attempt to scavenge an item and (b) GISH will not be responsible if you break any law, and we won’t visit you behind bars or post bail if you do. 

7. Scavenging Safety. The first rule of scavenging: be safe! Second rule of scavenging: Be safe! Third rule of scavenging: obey Commandment #7! 

7a. Scavenging Safely.  First Do No Harm. If you think you might hurt yourself or someone else trying to complete the Item, or cause actual damage (to property, the environment, or a specific site), do a different Item. We have many. How many? SO MANY. Don’t get hurt or so help us we’ll turn this scavenger hunt right around. 

7b. Pandemic Restrictions. For the safety of all Gishers and in light of the Delta variant of COVID-19, ALL local and regional COVID-19 restrictions must be strictly observed, including but not limited to wearing a mask while around others, social distancing, and frequent hand washing. Be safe and do not risk endangering yourself or others in your pursuit of GISH. We take this seriously.

999. Numbering Conventions. You may attend conventions if safe to do so, but you must defy all other convention and ignore numbering conventions outright. They’re prime spots for unquantifiable calamities.

7d. Bold. Commandment 7d insisted on standing out excessively from the crowd even among its fellow stand-outs, and we’re not about to deny it — or you — the opportunity to be outstanding and different. Be bold. Stand out. That funny look others give you is just envy. To reinforce this, all communications between team mates throughout the Hunt Period should be made in BOLD typeface only. 

NOTE: At the request of the gnomes, all communications to GISH staff should be only bold in spirit, not in font.

7e. Communication.
Rumor-mongering and fish-mongering shall not be tolerated, but all Hunt communications should be conducted in fervent whispers.

8. Shame. Shame? What’s that? Don’t ask us. SHAME doesn’t exist around GISH and certainly doesn’t exist during the Hunt. If you have any leftover shame tucked away, get rid of it now! Throw it in your compost bin or recycle it into something more useful, like wifi-enabled earrings or a remote controlled whistle. If you must keep it, we recommend throwing it in the back of your fridge or next to your now-forgotten jar of pandemic sourdough starter. In case you haven’t checked lately, that starter’s bacteria now has a thriving culture — their museums and nightclubs draw rave reviews.

9. Normalcy. We abhor it! For the week of the Hunt, you must reject all normalcy. Be weird. Odd. Different. Take a vacation from your usual self’s usual habits. Try on a whole new you so outrageous, even your dog wouldn’t even recognize you if it weren’t for your signature “Borscht” cologne. This will pay off for you in the Hunt and in life. NOTE: Some of you are already pushing the boundaries of weird and abnormal to wake up society. Good work. Push ‘em further. 

10. Item Interpretation. Do not reinterpret items. Do not. No. Should you interpret items? No, you should not. Provide the item exactly as it is requested. If the item reads “A photo of you standing with Betty White wrapped in eco-friendly bubble wrap for safe-keeping,” do we want you in front of a picture of Betty White, or you in front of an action figure of Betty White, or with real Betty White but packed in styrofoam peanuts? No. We do not. It must be a photo of you with the Golden Girl in the living flesh, wrapped safely and carefully in biodegradable bubble wrap. If you choose to “interpret,” you have a 97.67% chance of getting 0 points. Really. So, if we ask for a photo of you somewhere, we don’t want a “photoshopped” version of this, or a drawing of this, or a toy of this, we really want you in that location. If we do, we will tell you that in the Item. However, because we don’t like to draw lines in the sand or hamper creativity, if your interpretation is a TRULY inspired combination of creative genius and hard work, we might award you a few points, but it would have to be outstanding in every way. Otherwise, you will get nothing. Teams have been bumped out of the running for too much reinterpretation of items. Just last year, a would-be winner placed dead last because every Item was interpreted as a photoshopped image of a crocodile wearing hot pink Crocs. That may be a lie, but one thing is 100% true: We are looking for the actual thing we say we are asking for, not a cheeky version of that thing.

10a. Item Interpretation #2.  Cheekiness has its place. “Creatively interpreted” items might occasionally sneak into the GISH Hall of Fame or the GISH Coffee Table Book. But being cheeky will not necessarily win you points, and definitely will not win you the Hunt. Examine your priorities before you submit. If you submit an interpreted Item, you do so at your own risk.

11. Item 10 Chronically overshares. Like we remember this one time when Commandment 11 was hanging out with Item 10 and they had just been to the buffet then this Commandment belched and it made everyone in the dining hall dizzy. (TMI, Item 11. TMI.)

12. Peace. Give peace a Chance, but only if it lands on it through a natural roll — otherwise, give it a Community Chest or advance it to Go and collect $200.

13. Packing. When you pack for this trip, don’t fold your clothes. Tightly roll them up to save space, then leave them home with you so you’ll have more room for souvenirs. 

14. Submissions Secret Tip #1. Quality counts! Quantity won’t win this contest alone. Make sure you take good quality, in-focus pictures and videos and give us your best shot! If we want a collage, or a grid, or a side-by-side or triptych, we’re not shy about asking for it. Otherwise, select your best single image as your Submission. Don’t give us 7 of your favorites or a handful showing process or several shots of your item unless we ask for that. It can detract from the power of your Image (and sometimes, our ability to see it clearly), and will likely lose your points. Be selective and decisive.

14a. Be mindful! Nothing grinds our judges’ gears more than knowing that you created something breathtaking, but we can’t see it properly because it was photographed through a lens smeared with potato-chip oil or blocked by obstacles in the shot. (Though that was a LOVELY shot of your thumb,, Margo.) 

14b. Submission Secret Tip #1.5. Want a shot at getting your images into the Coffee Table Book? Submit full size, high resolution images! Few things crush our spirits more than when we get a genius image but it’s too low resolution for print publication. If the Item tells you to submit a screen shot, you may, but in general we prefer original, full-scale photos at full resolution. 

15. Bonus Points. We award extra points for extra awesome item submissions. The more extraordinary your submission, the more bonus points we will assign to it. It’s simple math: If Team A completes 150 items with a face value of 5000 points, but they kick ass and get 50% bonus points on each item, Team A will walk away with 7500 points. If Team B completes 175 items with a face value of 6500 points, but don’t go the extra mile and are not awarded any bonus points, Team A wins unless the Riemann zeta function has its zeros only at the negative even integers and complex numbers with real part 1/2. Right? Right. Every past winning team has won with the help of significant bonus points for excellence on their submissions. Not to flex on you, but we know math and we use it.

16. Submissions Secret Tip #2. HAVE FUN. That’s half the point, right?*If you’re having fun making or doing an item, odds are the result will be great. Before tackling an item, figure out how to make the process fun. This includes when you capture the picture or video. You will likely receive more points if you are having more fun, too. If you’re not having fun, you are required to change course immediately so that you ARE headed in the direction of serious good times.  (We must add the small caveat that sometimes GISH will be miserable for you—but that’s part of the fun, too. At least, it is for our judges.)

16a.  Points. *The other half of the point is the points, and the third half of the point is doing good which is weights at 2(.05X+0.5Y) where x= the first whole and Y=the second whole, so solve for G times the answer found in Commandment 15 and be sure to show your work. Assignments are due by 10:59 PM PT at the end of the Hunt and should be submitted directly to your professor.

17. Submissions Secret Tip #3. Composition counts. Pay attention to everything in your Submission— including the setting and backgrounds of your images and videos. Something shot haphazardly in the parking lot of a Wendy’s will likely net less bonus points than something shot beautifully in the parking lot of a Wendy’s. Think about how your images will look on the company’s inflatable movie screen, on YouTube, or hanging in the GISH Hall of Fame before you shoot them.

17a. Submissions Secret Tip #4. Want us to show off your pics and videos somewhere in the future? Try to shoot them so that they look good in landscape OR portrait mode. We reiterate: Composition counts

18. Submissions Secret Tip #5. You are the only person that has ever seen the backs of your eyelids with them closed. How’s the view? Do you have any artwork hanging in there?

19. Submissions Secret Tip #6. Make the judges laugh, chuckle, chortle or giggle until they lose control of major bodily functions. Our Judges love granting points to people with a good sense of humor, so entertain us and you’ll be rewarded with Points. Dance, monkeys!

20. Submission Secret Tip #7. Artistic expression counts! You don’t have to be an “artist” (though we believe all creatures are), but be thoughtful in your creations. Images that tell a story in a single image are generally more compelling than images where the subjects are posing for the camera. Try to be eye-catching, awe-inspiring and tell a story that adds a little something extra to the item when you can. When you shine through, your work shines, too.

21. Submission Secret Tip #8. WATERMARKS OR TEAM NAME SIGNS: Unless we specifically ask for it, we suggest that you avoid adding a watermark or sign with your team’s name on it in or on the image. We know you want credit, and wherever possible we’ll give it to you. And we know you’re rebels that do what you like, so we’re not saying you can’t—but just know it can impact our ability to share your work in video compilations, the book, social media, etc due to constraints of size and visual layout. But we love it when you add your team name to the video description on YouTube, the comments, etc. But if you want your work seen, please be mindful of this important Tip.

21a. Submission Secret Tip #10. NO OPEN CAPTIONS. We appreciate your help in adding closed captions to your videos wherever possible, and we love all captions on principle- but please don’t open caption your videos (where the words are burned into the image). It can impact our ability to share clips of your work later, and that’s just too sad.

22. Shatner Clause. Occasionally GISH attracts “personalities” with massive social media followings who want to compete. We welcome them to join us in the mayhem, but we want ordinary folk to know that they still have a solid chance of winning, so here’s our policy: If a member of a GISH team has more than 500,000 social media followers or “likes” on any social media platform and/or the judges deem this individual a widely-recognized celebrity of any ilk, and if that celebrity team wins GISH, we will award THE GRAND PRIZE to TWO TEAMS. The highest scoring NON-CELEBRITY team will also be awarded the Grand Prize. If this unlikely event should occur, we will be awarding the entire “Celebrity” team and the entire runner-up non-celebrity team the same Grand Prize, as can be reasonably accommodated. 

23.Former Winner Eligibility. No team may win two years in a row. Individuals who were on a winning team may, however, win two years in a row if during the second year they are on a Winning Team with no more than 3 other former winners. As long as the years are not consecutive, former Winning Teams may win again. Is this confusing? Good. It should be. But it nonetheless applies.

23a. Runner-Up Eligibility. Teams may be awarded “Runner Up” multiple years in a row without penalty, aside from a little friendly mocking for coming so close to the winners circle repeatedly. 

24. Confusion. Confusion is a vital component of the Hunt. This is by design. Confusion brings us joy. If you are confused, you’re doing it right. DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT contact customer support for any issues related to confusion on how to do an item. 1/2 of the Hunt is you figuring out what the hell we’re asking for. The other 1/2 of the Hunt is you doing it. The other 3/4 of the Hunt is you taking a picture or video of the item. The other 9/10ths is perspiration. The other 1/76th of the Hunt is Bob. He wonders why you still haven’t messaged him back after last year.

24a. Pleasure. We’ve all been too long without simple pleasures, so for the duration of this Hunt wonton pleasure is 100% permitted. You may use tools to achieve it, or just use your hands. Eggroll pleasure is still verboten because of what happened last time. 

25. Baggage.All baggage, including emotional, should be cleared from the overhead compartment prior to takeoff or stowed under your seat to be forgotten and kicked into the aisle by the child sitting behind you. You’re on vacation.Try to let it go. 

26. Submissions Process. Submit Items by clicking on our “Item List” on our website (it will be posted when the Scavenger Hunt begins), and then on the item, you want to submit. Then follow instructions. You must submit as instructed or you will not be awarded points for that item. This sounds scary and vague, but it won’t be.

27. Submission Formats. Photos must be submitted through our website using our upload feature. You need to submit your videos by entering your links. Be sure to mark your videos “UNLISTED” on Youtube so that we can see them, but no one else can. Unless otherwise specified in the Item Description video submissions can be NO LONGER than 14 seconds. We suggest putting “2021 GISH” and the Item Number in the description or title of your video with your team name. This makes our job easier. But not yours. Which we prefer.

28. Altering Photos/Video. THIS IS IMPORTANT! With the exceptions (1) as detailed clearly in Commandments above, and (2) adjusting the exposure (i.e. making the image brighter) or color of an image, unless an item specifically asks for manipulation of photos or videos, you are NOT permitted to do so. A few years ago, one of the top 3 scoring teams cheated by using Photoshop to make it look like they had completed a high-scoring item. They might otherwise have won GISH, but instead they were disqualified. We have graphic designers and NSA analysts on staff who can spot a digital counterfeit. We also use photoshop-detecting software that identifies pixel manipulations, Google image search and other tools, then Misha consults with a psychic to confirm the veracity of all items—so don’t screw with us on this point or you will be screwing yourself and your whole team. Don’t do it.

29. Belly buttons. Prior to the Hunt, all belly buttons must be thoroughly excavated by a licensed spelunker, with any notable finds reported to the National Spelunking Society ( or any caving organization in your area with reports filed on social media tagging @GISH. In the event of an “outie”, please consult a vulcanologist or mountaineer.

29.Scoring. Each item will have a point value associated with it. The judges may assign additional points to items that are most excellently executed. We take artistic merit, precision, and creative ingenuity into account. Each year the winning team has submitted multiple items that have been granted extra points for being the absolute bomb. Likewise, we will award partial points for items that demonstrate an extremely good effort, but don’t quite achieve the item task. Teams that creatively interpret or blatantly disregard the Item are likely to receive 0 points or even be docked points for that Item if certain crankypants judges get their hands on them before they’ve had a chance to get their morning kombucha.

30. Hygiene. In the interest of safe virtual travels for all our nationally-bound Hunters, all Gishers must follow their local COVID safety rules and guidelines, including wearing a mask, social distancing, washing their hands and avoiding licking their fingers directly while they eat.

30a. Hygiene Addendum. In the event that the finger-lickin’ perpetrator can provide evidence they were eating the Colonel’s famous fried chicken at the time of the incident, their record shall be expunged without penalty. The burden of proof rests solely on the defendant. 

31. Complaining. Complaining is forbidden! Also, you must not gripe, whine, or whinge, at any of the GISH staff, judges, GISHFlight attendants, or your cat, because they’re pretty sick of hearing about it by this point. Petitioning is also forbidden. GISH is a feudal monarchy, not a democracy! Our “Support” email must be used only as a last resort. Please visit our Holy FAQ section prior to asking questions. Read the dictionary. Explore encyclopedias. If you must vent, you may fabricate a doll of Misha, deem it your “Complaint Vessel”, and whine to it if that helps. 

32. Snacks. The attendants will come by with the drink cart and snacks only once per flight. Be ready to pounce. 

33. Bribery. Bribery is acceptable on Tuesdays and Thursdays via the back door entrance to our social media channels, but only small Bills will be accepted because we can’t make change for a Gates. (We’ve tried.) 

34. Dancing. Due to what happened last time, tap and polka will be the only acceptable forms of dancing for the duration of the Hunt. Kick off your Sunday shoes and give us your best Footloose on TikTok, tagging @GISH & 

35. Understanding Items. If you aren’t exactly quite clear what we’re asking for with an Item, we’re doing our job. You ARE NOT permitted to query our Support staff or our social media channels for clarification regarding the eligibility or interpretation of an item. Once they’re posted, it’s up to you to proceed. That’s part of the challenge of the Hunt. Enjoy.

36. Clarification. If you aren’t exactly quite clear what we’re asking for with an Item, we’re doing our job. You ARE NOT permitted to query our Support staff or our social media channels for clarification regarding the eligibility or interpretation of an item. Once they’re posted, it’s up to you to proceed. That’s part of the challenge of the Hunt. Enjoy.

37. Repetition. If it’s important, we may repeat it for emphasis. But we might not, too. Pay attention.

37a.Redundancy. If we told you once, we told you a thousand times: if it’s important, we may repeat it for emphasis. But we might not, too. Pay attention.

38. Outsourcing. Although we encourage you to reach out to family, friends, neighbors, students, teachers and your social media communities to assist you with gathering props, serving as additional bodies in your multi-person photos and videos, connecting you to people and places, and otherwise assisting you with the completion of the items, we expect YOU and YOUR TEAM to be the primary participants in completing your Items. You are not permitted to crowdsource or purchase multiple Items wholly from third parties. The majority of your items must be sourced, created, and performed by your team – meaning at least one team member must be in the majority of the videos and images. During and after the Hunt we will investigate  potential winning teams to see if team members have outsourced the completion of a mass amount of items. What does this mean? This means if you tweet to a thousand of your followers for individuals to do lots of your items and deliver you the images or videos, all of these submissions would be ineligible. On the other hand, if we ask for a Slurpee from Mars and you happen to be in good with the cousin who knows the helicopter pilot who is roving around on Mars and can grab some ice and make a flavored Slushie, we’d let it slide.  But if we see multiple instances of this and it’s clear you’re just sitting at your computer and outsourcing like a boss, your team may be disqualified. You may also not reach out to volunteer proxies who offer their services to teams to complete Items. TO BE CLEAR: You MAY outsource props, materials, etc! If you tweet that you’re looking for a Batman costume so you can borrow it to go to a Bingo night at your local rec center, we would enthusiastically accept the completed item – we love when teams borrow versus buy! Use your head on this. DO NOT email our support to ask questions regarding this commandment. You be the judge… and then we will.

38a. tl;dr: Nothing should ever be tl that you dr it.

38b.  CAMEO. For any Item involving celebrities or verified/high profile influencers, remember that you are NOT permitted to purchase content, barter, engage in any commerce or bartering from others (see Commandment #38) to achieve your Items. You are expected to beg, shmooze, network, and cajole your way into success in these Items, with no in-kind or quid pro quo exchange allowed. 

39. Proxies. You may not conscript proxies or GISH mercenaries to complete Items in your stead unless specifically stated in the Item or for a specific, good reason (such as a location-based item). But remember: no collaboration allowed, which means you may not share proxies! A proxy may only help ONE team on any given item. Teams that use proxies to skive off their Items may lose points for outsourcing or even be disqualified. See Commandment 36 and remember: we’re everywhere, and we see you. 

39. Hygiene.. We take hand hygiene seriously. Each morning of the Hunt (PT) all team mates should report to a team Zoom to do a thorough check of each others’ finger and toe nails to ensure they are free from glitter. Should any evidence of glitter be found, a remedial handwashing coaching must be held by the Captain immediately for all team mates. In the event that it is the captain that is beglittered, all team mates may shame the Captain’s hypocrisy on social media by tagging #GISH and the Captain along with #GlitteryHypocrisy. 

40. Video/Image Plagiarism. You shall not submit any items that were created by another team. Any team that is caught submitting another team’s Item shall be eligible for disqualification. You may not submit any items that were taken before this year’s Scavenger Hunt. Any team that is found to be submitting items that were created before the Hunt is eligible for disqualification unless evidence of their use of a working backwards-compatible time machine can be proven. 

41. Complaining. All formal complaints and concerns must be logged in triplicate and mailed to GISH Department of Concerns, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC, 20500.

41a. Complaining II. Commandment 41a, aka “Complaining II” is under a gag order by management due to excessive whining and complaints about its message. It has taken refuge in a country that does not extradite political protesters. 

41b. Irony. Make sure your diet includes the recommended daily allowance of irony. Supplement if necessary, but be careful to take it with humor for better absorption.

42. Video/Image Plagiarism. You shall not submit any items that were created by another team. Any team that is caught submitting another team’s Item shall be eligible for disqualification. You may not submit any items that were taken before this year’s Scavenger Hunt. If it’s important, we may repeat it for emphasis. But we might not, too. Pay attention. See Commandment 35b.

42a. Spoons. You don’t need spoons to play, and in fact, we actively forbid their use throughout the event — this is a single-chopstick-only event!. But if you need them for reasons of accessibility, you may use one. (This is true for any accessibility requirement.) 

43. Sensitivity & sustainability. We expect you to do your part to help make this a kinder, if not gentler, Hunt with a smaller carbon footprint. With that in mind, this is a zero-waste Hunt and any and all food that is used for creative or artistic purposes must be consumed after the Hunt (unless you preserve it for posterity in some fashion and keep it forever, in which case good luck with your inevitable rodents). 

44. Hospitality. House guests are always welcome, especially those that warn you 17 years ahead of time that they’re dropping by. Therefore, until the Hunt is over, all Brood X cicadas should be warmly welcomed into the home for a song and a snack if they appear on your front door. Please post pictures of your tea party tagged #CicadaCoffeeKlatsch & #GISH. 

44b. Hospitality II. The same is true for drop-in guests, so any UFO or UAP extra-terrestrial visitors should be given the same treatment. 

45. Environmental Responsibility. We’ve only got one planet (until we colonize the others), so until that time we need to keep this place nice. To reduce our collective carbon footprint, until the end of the Hunt only carbon handprints are permitted.

46. Arbitrary Rules and Constraints. New rules, commandments and updates may be posted here, on social media, or on the Updates page during the course of the Scavenger Hunt. Life comes at you fast. Pay attention.

47. Responsibility. We’re taking planetary stewardship seriously. This year’s Hunt is negative-waste, 100% renewable and sustainably sourced. Plan accordingly.

48. Climate Change. Climate change is a real issue we need to address, so please carry well-chilled or properly climate-controlled coins with you throughout the Hunt. 

49. Scoring. Team scores shall be compiled by tallying up the total points accumulated and assigned to the team’s Item Submissions by our judges. In our final judging, Points may be increased, decreased or even docked based on the quality of the Submission and any mitigating factors surrounding it. In past years, every winning team has won by not only submitting items worth lots of points but by accumulating bonus points for superlative submission quality.

50. Facial Hair. Anyone sporting facial hair longer than ½” an inch shall be required to braid two small antennae into their scruff to promote insect appreciation.

51. Content Sharing. You may not “share” your images or videos until after the Scavenger Hunt, but you may not password-protect them either as we need to access them for judging. Violators will be subject to virtual incarceration. YOU MAY (and we encourage you) share your images and videos 8 minutes and 47.3 seconds after the Hunt is officially over. We will alert you when it is acceptable to share your submissions.

52. Collaboration. As cold-hearted as this sounds, don’t collaborate with other teams unless the Item is designated as a Collaborative Item. This is a cut-throat competition. Each team has to execute each item on their own. If we find out that teams are collaborating you will get either fractional or no credit for the item. However, collaboration with any of the following is strongly encouraged: imaginary friends, teammates and their respective imaginary friends, enthusiastic pets (but not their imaginary friends). Everyone may collaborate with Ghassan S. or Bob, as usual.

53.Judging. Items shall be judged by Misha Collins and at least 6 official GISH Judges anointed by Misha Collins in private ceremony. In the event of a tie, the Collins’ family’s dog, Hazel, may be called in to break the tie but her judgment is questionable so the results are not binding and the matter shall be sent back to Misha Collins and the judges for more bickering and debate before a unilateral decision is made.

54. Identification. Deep fake technology is getting too good, so to make sure you are identifiable as a true Gisher, throughout the Hunt a bow tie or hair bow made of tin foil should be worn. 

54a. Identification. To protect the identities of the probably-not-all-that-innocent, Gishers should NOT wear tin foil bows when they are actually appearing in Item Submission videos and photos unless specifically required by the Item. 

55. Two factor authentication. To ensure your identity, all Gishers must recite two positive factors about their personalities they like into a camera or mirror (or both) every day until the end of the Hunt period.  For security reasons, each day’s two-factor authentication must be new and recorded.

56. The End. The Scavenger Hunt shall end when the countdown clock on the homepage reaches 00:00 and the Item List is removed from the GISH website.

57. Arbitrary Rules and Constraints. May be placed on the “Updates” page during the course of the Scavenger Hunt. Watch it daily. Pay attention. OBSESSIVELY CHECK THE UPDATES PAGE HERE:

58. Grand Prize. There will be one. If you win it, you will likely refer to the events of your life as either pre- or post- GISH Grand Prize. Please refer to the Rules and Regulations for further details. 

58a. Referrer Prize. There will also be one. Again, please refer to the Rules and Regulations for details, but generally speaking, we shall be selecting one “Referrer” individual to join the Winning Team. Refer a friend (you can do so after you register). If they sign up, your name will be placed in a random drawing to join the Winning Team and receive the Grand Prize as well.

55b. Runner Uppers. We will select 10 (or more!) runner-up teams. These teams will receive accolades, prizes and the envy of everyone (except the winning team who will not be envious at all because their prize is better).

56. Infamy. Think you have no chance of achieving GISH Fame? Wrong! If you are convinced you won’t win the Grand Prize, you can still wow us with a specific item and be drafted into the Hall of Fame for that Submission! Select a handful of items to complete and make them the most amazing items the world has ever seen. If your team’s item is chosen as one of the best versions of that item by our judges, it (and your team) will be forever memorialized in the GISH Hall of Fame. Your item and team name will be seen forever on our website. These Submissions will be the stuff of legends.

57. GISHPoints. You want these. They are granted for all of the following: completing GISH, volunteering for GISH, being part of our HARSH program, registering early or at certain times, or eating with your mouth full while at the designated time that Misha indicates privately. What do they get you? Lots. Last year our top GISHpoints holders got automatic upgrades to the next tier of registration and discounts in the Gishporium. Who knows what they will bring this year… We have other devious plans for these points, but needless to say, if you don’t have ‘em, get ‘em, if you got ‘em, get more of ‘em!

58. Stealth. It’s everywhere. Keep your eyes peeled.

59. The Baskin Robbins Rule. No double-dipping. You can’t use the content from one item to fulfill a different item. For example, if Item #42 says to play an accordion at the top of the Matterhorn while wearing hot pink lederhosen, you can’t also use this image for Item #44. which tells you to serenade the world somewhere. Got it? Good.

58a. Maintenance. To keep our systems running smoothly, please do your part by keeping our GISHBot well-maintained. Keep all digital spaces in an orderly fashion and be sure to power cycle it by running a courtesy and program before you post in the GISH Bunker.

60. Nail art. In the days leading up to the Hunt, it is advisable to grow your pinky nails out as long as you can. 

60a. Mistakes. There are no mistakes, just happy accidents. And sometimes grumpy ones. Be patient with them and don’t feel the need to call them out every time; they’re a little shy.

60b. Branding. Resistance is never futile, but sometimes it needs a little marketing spin to take hold. To help in our quest for world domination and support our subliminal branding team’s efforts, all public-facing branding must be consistently adhered to with words that end in H  capitalized on the last letter in eacH instance as demonstrated here and in our logo. The marketing monkeys insist this will help us with long term growth objectives at the end of the day, apples to apples, looking at the big picture.

Pre-62. Perspective. Anything seems like the big picture if you’re too close. Step back and take in the whole view. What looks like the Grand Canyon might actually be a tiny snake hole. 

62. Perspective II. One person’s snake hole is some ant’s grand canyon. Be patient and kind.

62a. Banishments. Jell-O is banished except as applicable in spa treatments and musical instruments.

63. Whistleblowing. All whistleblowers shall be protected, as long as their whistling is confined to happy tunes using a slide whistle or the two-finger whistle method only. Penny whistles will not be observed as a protected form of expression.

64. Will you still need me, will you still feed me?

65. Exceptions. There may be many. Check the Commandments daily.

66. Beginnings. Endings are hard, but they lead to new beginnings and everyone starts somewhere. Begin at the bottom of the end and work your way back up. 

67. Life Lessons. Be kind. Be precise. Be flippant. Be creative. Be courageous. Be shameless. Be GISH

68. Advice. If an advanced AI bot from the future shows up and says, “Come with me if you want to GISH,” you should definitely go.