You did it! As part of our GISH community, you banded together with weirdos the world over to get creative, be kind, and do things with waffles that defied the laws of architecture all while raising over $234,000 to help heal injured children in Afghanistan and wrapping the world in a blankie of soft, gentle kindness. Congratulations!

We know that the post-GISH days can feel a little dull by contrast, but while we encourage you to take a moment to rest and relax, don’t languish on your laurels too long. The world needs you!

Here’s what we have coming up:

  1. UPGRADES CLOSE FRIDAY. If you haven’t yet upgraded your GISH Hunt, you have until Friday, August 13 at 10:59 PM PT to do so. Choose from one of three packages: a signed postcard, get a “flape,” or go big with a Most Premiumerest Package for exclusive GISH Genius Classes, the official GISH tee, the priceless treasures from all the lower tiers, and much more. Upgrading also helps increase our charitable donation to True Colors United!
  2. HARSH IS COMING. HARSH (Human Analysis of Really Strange Happenings) is our community-led system that allows you to review and vote on your favorite GISH Submissions for inclusion on social media, in the Hall of Fame, and in the coffee table book. We’ll send you an email when it opens — sign up! (If you’ve HARSHed before, you don’t have to do anything. You’re already in!)
  3. JUDGING. The Judging process is about to begin but we’ve already seen so many great works of art, strangiocity, and kindness while perusing random Submissions. We’ll keep you updated… along with the winners of the GISH Wizards & Weirdos Hunt (You didn’t think we forgot, did you? Of course we haven’t.) Stay tuned for the 2021 Hunt List posted here very soon, as well.
  4. GISHPORIUM. The Gishporium is coming in just a few weeks! How many weird offerings will we have? So many. Stay tuned…

And finally, again, from the deepest abyss of all of our ventricles, THANK YOU for everything you’ve done. You are the absolute best examples of humanity and we’re proud to have you as our weird little family.