GISH Found Family Challenge


March 31th at 11:59 pm PT.

We know it’s been a tough couple of days for the #SPNFamily in our GISH community. But we’re going to get through this together and stay focused on the best thing we have and will always have – each other. Why? Because other things may change us, but we start and end with family, and family don’t end… Period.


So get this: According to the lore, nothing sticks together quite like found family. We’re going to prove it—and celebrate our weird little GISH family in the process.

Between now and March 31 at 11:59 PM PT, meet up with at least 2 other gishers in your area and collaborate to make a collage or mosaic “family portrait” of all the gishers in attendance that incorporates something that bonds you all together. But no selfies allowed: each person in the group is responsible for creating the portrait of another member of the group. And because it’s GISH, of course there’s a catch—wherever possible, you must use “found objects” in your piece to celebrate the fact that you found each other at all… along with lots of glue or duct tape or anytime that makes stuff stick, if you can. (Because families stick together.) Other than that, go wild! Use any medium you like: paints, clays, collage, glitter, Supernatural memorabilia, cut up T-shirts, condiments—whatever moves you. Also, the portrait doesn’t have to be a realistic portrayal of them—feel free to be symbolic, impressionistic, whatever works for you and your subject.


  1. Organize a meetup with at least 2 others fans (and you).
  2. Bring craft and art supplies of your choosing, along with “found objects” of your choosing. (A found object is anything you find that isn’t a traditional art supply. Twigs, leaves, buttons, coins, recyclables, trash… you get the idea.)
  3. Collaborate with each other to create a group “Family Portrait” mixed-media art piece that incorporates a. “found objects” wherever possible and b. Something that bonds you all together. Each person should craft a portrait of the other people at the gathering. (There are no bonus points for quality, so be as messy or precise as you want.)
  4. Post your passion project on social media using the hashtag #GISHFoundFamily.
  5. Submit social media links to your #GISHFoundFamily artwork post and your information to the form below for a chance to win. (Make sure you link us directly to the #GISHFoundFamily post, not just your social media account. If we can’t see what you made, you can’t win!)


If you cannot physically get together with 2 other gishers, you may work on the piece remotely with 2 other gishers and then combine images of the physical art pieces you create into a single “portrait” for submission. But we hope you’ll get together in-person if you can.


Enter your information through the form below for your chance to win.

Prizes will be awarded randomly for participation, but make sure you submit your information through the form above.

Good luck!