As all Gishers know, GISHMAS is a free annual holiday event that descends upon the winter season and forces you to interact with your relatives, loved ones, and the world as you spread gishy kindness and creative fun throughout the world together. (It’s also a chance to have an excuse to wrap your loved ones up in tape and wrapping paper.)


You don’t have to sign up or register. It’s open to everyone and you can join any time throughout the GISHMAS Period!


  1. You DO NOT have to sign up or register for GISHMAS fun. GISHMAS is open to all! Jump in at any time!
  2. Read the 12 Rules of GISHMAS & The List below.
  3. Complete the List Items and post them on social media tagged #GISHMAS and the Item number as a separate tag (e.g., #Item1) before December 31, 2019 at 11:59:59  PM PT.
  4. Keep an eye on our social media for updates & new items. HAVE FUN & MAKE MERRY! 


  1. Have fun! If you’re not having fun, make beeping sounds and back up until you get to where you went off course, then recalibrate and head in the direction of Fun. 
  2. You don’t have to register for GISHMAS. Simply jump into GISHMAS any time during GISHMAS week and do as many items from the list as you want.
  3. Unlike the annual Hunt, all submissions should be posted to your social media at any time throughout #GISHMAS. Tag them #GISHMAS and the item number (example: #Item1) so all Gishers can find and enjoy your creativity.
  4. Submit your items on social media tagged #GISHMAS and the Item Number by Dec 31 at 11:59 PM PT for your chance to win prizes!
  5. Submissions may be judged on quality, level of displayed fun, or based entirely on a random whim. All selections are final.
  6. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and also there are prizes.
  7. Go wild! But don’t get hurt, hurt others, or get arrested. GISH is not responsible for any medical bills, attorney fees, or bail money. GISH safely and responsibly.
  8. In the spirit of inclusivity and togetherness, toe socks are absolutely banned. Only toe mittens are permitted during the GISHMAS week. 
  9. If we say “use the GISH app”, please do so if you can. But we want all Gishers to have fun and participate, so if you don’t have GISH app access, using social media instead is fine. 
  10. Be kind, inclusive, creative, bold, and weird! Unlike the GISH Hunt, GISHMAS is less “strict” about “rules”. Need to interpret an item a little subjectively to make it happen? Do it. We’d rather you make an attempt than give up.
  11. Videos submitted should be 15 seconds to 30 seconds unless otherwise stated. Tip: Video and photo quality counts! Clear, well-lit videos and photos help us see your GISHMAS magic, and unless we specifically request it as a collage or side-by-side pic, please show us the single best shot you’ve got! 
  12. Direct any other questions to No one will respond to your questions in the order they were received.
While you’re here, submit yourself to our 2019 GISH Common Census Survey.
You’ll get 100 Bonus GISHPoints if you complete it & send us the secret code word hidden in the survey… and one lucky Gisher who fills out the form & requests Gishpoints will get a FREE 2020 Most Premiumerest Registration!



  1. IMAGE or VIDEO TIMELAPSE. It’s time for the annual GISHMAS Stocking Run! Fill small holiday stockings, packages, or bundles with necessities like socks, water, food, mittens, etc and a few small, joyful things (small stuffed animals, playing cards, paperback books, candy, a greeting card… you get the idea) for people experiencing homelessness. Then, hang them up in an area where they will be found or if you prefer, hand them out in person to those in need.
  2. IMAGE. Mistletoe with “consent signs” next to it. Post your images tagged #Consentletoe.
  3. VIDEO TIMELAPSE. Gather your family and friends, because it’s time to play dreidel — #GISH style! Dress up one person as a human dreidel and spin them to play. Hope you get  ג! 
  4. IMAGE. Douglas, Noble or Scotch… There’s nothing more luxurious than a beautiful fir coat. (This is not a typo.) 
  5. IMAGE or VIDEO. A Sam, Dean, or Castiel Nutcracker. (Insert your own joke here.)
  6. VIDEO. Fruitcake isn’t for eating. Trust us: it really, really isn’t. But it is useful when weaponized. Show us a Fruitcake catapult. Your fruitcake must travel at least 2 meters. We’re sorry to tell you this, but you have to eat it if it survives.
  7. IMAGE. The Gingerbread community loves the movies, just like the rest of us. Create an iconic scene from your favorite movie out of gingerbread. 
  8. IMAGE. If you ever stop to listen to the lyrics of Frosty the Snowman, it’s clear he’s a wanted fugitive. The proof: there’s a most-wanted poster of Frosty hanging in your local police department’s office. 
  9. IMAGE. “It’s not such a bad little tree… It just needs a little love.” Find the smallest, saddest little tree in a local forest or park and decorate it with 100% organic, animal-friendly consumable materials to make it a holiday tree worthy of the woodland creatures. Make sure you leave edible packages under the tree for ground-dwelling animals in need of food. But be safe, clever and kind- make sure you’re ONLY using things the animals can safely eat or use and won’t get hurt by or tangled up in!
  10. IMAGE.  “Away in a manger, no crib for a bed, the little green Yoda lay down its sweet head…”  Create a life-sized nativity scene with Baby Yoda in the manger. 
  11. VIDEO. Successfully dunk a holiday gingerbread person cookie into a standard-sized glass of milk from a height of at least 2 stories. The cookie must have a parachute for safety reasons.
  12. IMAGE. A portrait of your favorite celebrity or someone you admire frosted onto a holiday cookie or as a cookie bust. Post the sweet homage on social media and tag the person you’ve depicted. 
  13. IMAGE. Nobody should be fur-gotten at the holidays, and that goes double for shelter pets. Drop by your local animal shelter with animal treats and get a selfie with someone you think should be adopted. Post about your new pal online with the shelter location so they can get adopted.
  14. IMAGE. In Oaxaca, Mexico, they celebrate Night of the Radishes, where radishes are intricately carved into displays. But why should radishes get all the glory? Recreate a famous painting, photograph, or sculpture all out of carved root vegetables. (It goes without saying here at GISH, but the bigger your display, the better). Yes, you can use radishes, but any root vegetables are acceptable. 
  15. IMAGE. Misfit Toys are all the rage, and you’ve got the hottest toy out there this year. Package a loved one in toy packaging complete with a bow and ribbons and place them under the tree or on a store shelf. Your “toy box” or label should indicate what makes that person inside unique and wonderful.
  16. VIDEO. You and your reindeer family are participating in the world famous Reindeer Games. Show us at least 3 events in the games Rudolph was famously shut out of. (You’re not like all of the other reindeer, so make sure to include him this time.)
  17. VIDEO. Slay bells ring… Snowpeople are always just STANDING there. Staring. To be honest, it’s a little creepy and we don’t trust them. Prove us right: Create a horror movie to show us the terrible things they’re doing when we’re not looking. (You may use live action or stop motion.)
  18. IMAGE. It wouldn’t be GISHMAS without an annual global party. Use the GISH app, the GISH Bunker, and social media to coordinate with other Gishers in your area and meet up Sunday, December 29 at 3 PM. The 2010s have been exhausting and it’s time we put them to bed, so wear your coziest, gishiest pajamas (don’t forget the fuzzy slippers) and meet up in the bedroom section of an IKEA or mattress department of any other local furniture store. Bring a game and craft supplies, then work together to create a collage showcasing everything you accomplished in the 2010’s. Make sure to tag where your party was held so we know. (If stores are not open in your area on Sunday, you may organize in another open location, just make sure to bring blankets and pillows because it is A SLUMBER PARTY.)
  19. VIDEO. When it comes to catchy, cheerful classic Christmas carols, Krampus is overlooked. Fix this egregious oversight with a catchy Krampus tune.
  20. IMAGE. Everyone knows “The Grinch” was actually based on the story of one particular mascot who was an Assbutt about the all-idays. Write & illustrate a page from “How The Assbutt Stole GISHMAS.” 
  21. IMAGE or VIDEO. Jensen Ackles had some THINGS to say this year about tangled holiday lights. Use holiday strand lights to spell out a message you’ve always wanted to say to someone in letters at least 5 feet high. 
  22. VIDEO. The Roaring Twenties are about to make a comeback! The 2020’s, we mean… Ring in the New Year in an eco-friendly flapper gown made out of recycled paper (and don’t skimp on the Daisies.)
  23. IMAGE. Create a wreath out of menstrual products still in their wrappings (don’t open them or damage them!) and other necessities and deliver it to a domestic violence or homeless shelter. 
  24. VIDEO. Garland tug-of-war with at least 14 people in festive GISHMAS wear participating. The more, the merrier. (You should probably recruit random strangers for this.)


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