As all Gishers know, GISHMAS is a free annual holiday event that descends upon the winter season and forces you to interact with your relatives, loved ones, and the world as you spread gishy kindness and creative fun throughout the world together. (It’s also a chance to have an excuse to wrap your loved ones up in tape and wrapping paper.)


You don’t have to sign up, register, or form a team. Just jump in any time! It’s open to everyone and you can join any time and play as much or as little as you like!


  1. You DO NOT have to sign up or register for GISHMAS fun. GISHMAS is open to all! Jump in at any time!
  2. Read the 12 Rules of GISHMAS & The List below.
  3. Complete the List Items and post them publicly on social media (NOT including private posts or private groups like the GISH BUNKER on Facebook, though we welcome you to share submissions there, too.) tagged #GISHMAS and the Item number as a separate tag (e.g., #Item1) before December 31, 2020 at 11:59:59  PM PT. If it’s a Kids menu Item, tag it #KidsMenuItem1, #KidsMenu2, etc and #GISHMAS.
  4. Keep an eye on our social media for updates & new items. HAVE FUN & MAKE MERRY!


  1. Have fun! If you’re not having fun, make beeping sounds and back up until you get to where you went off course, then recalibrate and head in the direction of Fun. 
  2. You don’t have to register for GISHMAS. Simply jump into GISHMAS any time during GISHMAS week and do as many items from the list as you want. You also don’t need a team, though you’re welcome to play with one made up of your GISH team, family members, friends, etc. 
  3. Unlike the annual Hunt, all submissions should be posted to your social media at any time throughout #GISHMAS. Tag them #GISHMAS and the item number (example: #Item1) so all Gishers can find and enjoy your creativity.
  4. Submit your items on social media tagged #GISHMAS and the Item Number by Dec 31 at 11:59 PM PT for your chance to win prizes!
  5. Submissions may be judged on quality, level of displayed fun, or based entirely on a random whim. All selections are final.
  6. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and also there are prizes.
  7. Go wild! But don’t get hurt, hurt others, or get arrested. GISH is not responsible for any medical bills, attorney fees, or bail money. GISH safely and responsibly.
  8. Due to the pandemic, regular socks are banned for the duration of the event. All Gishers should wear “toe socks” to keep with standard physical distancing protocols for their tootsies.
  9. If we say “use the GISH app”, please do so if you can. But we want all Gishers to have fun and participate, so if you don’t have GISH app access, using social media instead is fine. 
  10. Be kind, inclusive, creative, bold, and weird! Unlike the GISH Hunt, GISHMAS is less “strict” about “rules”. Need to interpret an item a little subjectively to make it happen? Do it. We’d rather you make an attempt than give up.
  11. Videos submitted should be 15 seconds unless otherwise stated. Tip: Video and photo quality counts! Clear, well-lit videos and photos help us see your GISHMAS magic, and unless we specifically request it as a collage or side-by-side pic, please show us the single best shot you’ve got! 
  12. Direct any other questions to No one will respond to your questions in the order they were received.
  13. GISHMAS is, of course, a cut-throat competition… But would you compare a DaVinci to a Michaelangelo to a Bernini and say one was “better?” Of course not. And it’s the same with your work, so don’t compare yourselves (favorably or unfavorably) to other Gishers. As long as you put your heart into your work and play for good, your creations are to be celebrated! So cheer each other on, share each others’ work and praise each other, but when it comes to negative self-talk or comparisons, in the words of a famous ice princess, “Let it go!”
While you’re here, submit yourself to our 2019 GISH Common Census Survey.
You’ll get 100 Bonus GISHPoints if you complete it & send us the secret code word hidden in the survey… and one lucky Gisher who fills out the form & requests Gishpoints will get a FREE 2020 Most Premiumerest Registration!


    1. IMAGE. In 2020, no Ugly Holiday Sweater outfit is complete without a face mask. Create the world’s gaudiest Ugly Holiday mask.  Bonus points if it has lights or other interactive embellishments.  
    2. IMAGE. We’re closing out this year with a bang: The annual #GISHMAS Party is here! Dress up in your finest GISH attire and bring something to destroy that represents 2020 to you to help you say goodbye to the year. Using the GISH App, social media, and the GISH Bunker, coordinate your Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangout parties with other Gishers. Share your links liberally so Gishers from all around the world can pop in. The Party date and time: December 31, starting at 9 AM PST and going all day long to keep ringing in the new year until every place in the world has switched over to 2021!
    3. IMAGE. All-iday decorating used to mean taking down your anti–demon warding, but not anymore. Get festive AND stay safe from demons with new Sigil Snowflakes from GISHCORP! Create a beautiful, intricately-cut paper snowflake in the shape of any sigil from Supernatural. 
    4. IMAGE. It’s time for our annual tradition: the GISHMAS Stocking Run! Put on your mask and gloves and fill up as many stockings (or bags) as you can with necessities for those most in need such as non-perishable treats and snacks, bottled water, socks, gloves, hand warmers, emergency blankets, hand sanitizer, face masks, a bus pass or a note of support… You get the idea. Hang them in an area where people experiencing homelessness are likely to come across them. 
    5. VIDEO (UP TO 2 MINUTES). Animals get lonely at the all-idays, too. Coordinate with other Gishers to host an all-animal All-iday zoom party with at least 9 “guests”. No humans may appear on camera or be heard, because they were not invited. Post a video of all the festive animals at the party, in festive party attire, of course. 
    6. IMAGE. Look, there really is no argument about it.  “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie. To prove it, build the Nakatomi tower out of gingerbread. You must include the exploding helicopter, John McClane, and a falling Hans Gruber. Yippie-ki-yi-yay.  – Dave L. 
    7. VIDEO (UP TO 2 MINUTES). Do you recall the most famous reindeer of all? Well, you can’t handle the truth: Rudolph’s gone rogue & now he’s been accused of running over grandma! Show us Rudolph’s dramatic courtroom trial. (You may create this as a live action video or use stop motion animation.) 
    8. IMAGE. As we all know, the first Hanukkah was celebrated by the MaccaBEES. Create a tiny menorah just the right size for the bees, with water where the candle flames should go so they can get a drink (make sure it doesn’t run out for at LEAST 8 days. Obviously.). Bonus points if it lights up with LEDs.
    9. IMAGE. You better watch out! You better not cry. You better not pout — we’re telling you why: Sasquatch Claus is coming to town. Show us a photo of Sasquatch Claus on his rounds.
    10. IMAGE. 2020 has largely been a year we’d all really like to forget… but some good things happened, too, and they deserve to be remembered. Create a time capsule of all the positive things that happened to you this year and moments when humanity rose up to meet the moment in an impressive way. (You can bury it, but just send us the picture of the contents.)
    11. IMAGE EDITED! Every year, thousands of mature trees are cut down for the holidays —including one at Rockefeller Center. But with climate change heating things up, we need even MORE trees than we’re destroying. Submit a photo of you planting a tree this holiday season (or a screenshot of your tree donation to an organization that plants trees, if you can’t go out yourself). If the tree you are planting is large and mature enough to do so, you may put animal-safe treats on it to dress it up for the all-idays. 
    12. VIDEO TIMELAPSE. (UP TO 30 SECONDS) In the song “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch”, the singer says, “I wouldn’t touch you with a 39 ½ foot pole!” But in a pandemic, that’s actually a pretty good safety tip. Help someone put on their makeup and do their hair, all using an actual 39 ½ foot pole. (The “salonist” must still wear a mask & you can’t hurt yourselves!)- inspired by Cynthia N.
    13. IMAGE. Humans aren’t the only ones who like holiday treats! Create suet “cookies” using your cookie cutters and hang them on a tree outdoors for local birds. -Jennifer W.
    14. IMAGE. It’s that time of the month and year. Yep. You’ve got Menstrual Krampus. Show us Krampus either as a sculpture made of menstrual hygiene products or as a portrait ON a menstrual pad. It should go without saying, but you must make a donation of at LEAST as many menstrual products as you used to your local homeless shelter, DV shelter, or an organization that brings menstrual hygiene products to people in need.  -Inspired by Colleen M. 
    15. IMAGE. Santa Cause is coming to town: Santa’s worried about the climate crisis! Show us Santa protesting the loss of arctic ice at the north pole. 
    16. IMAGE. Essential workers have been on the front lines all year long, and they are exhausted. Make a “spa kit” consisting of pre-wrapped small treats, unscented hand lotion, a relaxing face mask, bath salts or bath bombs, tea and a mug, a good paperback book, or other relaxing items. Deliver it to an essential worker you know — or go wild and make multiple kits and drop them off at a hospital or grocery store. (Can’t leave the house? Your postal carriers count, too!)
    18. IMAGE. In late Medieval England, the Lord of Misrule was appointed to preside over the 12 days of Christmas,  giving food and gifts to the poor, inventing strange games, and generally making merry. Sound familiar? We thought so too! Create an illuminated medieval manuscript showing the Lord of Mishrule at Gishmas – Jacqui, aka Jax
    19. VIDEO. The Rose Parade got canceled due to COVID, but the world doesn’t have to go parade-less when Gishers are on the job! Create your own at-home Rose Parade Float all out of landscape clippings, vegetable peels, and other recyclables. Coordinate with at least 2 other Gishers (or your own friends, physically-distanced neighbors, and loved ones) to make a 3-or-more float parade. (You may build them inside if weather requires, and you can use Zoom for your physically-distanced parade.)
    20. IMAGE. Daveed Diggs wanted a Puppy for Chanukah, or so his recent song says. So does somebody else out there… and in your local shelter, their forever friend waits, alone. We’ve got to do something about that! Connect with your local shelter and identify their most-in-need pet, then post about them on social media & try to find them a home before the new year. (Tag Daveed in your posts, too!)
    21. IMAGE SIDE-BY-SIDE. In Iceland, they celebrate the holidays with Jólabókaflóð, the Yule Book Flood, and every Icelander gets a new book to curl up with, and we’re on board the trend. Select a beloved book from your shelves that you’re willing to part with, then find someone on the GISH App (nearby using your GEOCHAT or GISH map) or GISH Bunker to swap books with. You MAY NOT divulge the title of the book you are sharing. Take a photo of each of you with your new book and post them on social media along with a short, spoiler-free book review from each book.
    22. IMAGE SIDE-BY-SIDE. Show us your 2020 & 2021 Bingo Card side-by-side, showing everything you’ve overcome this year and your predictions/hopes of the (much better) things you will achieve or experience next year.
    23. IMAGE. The gnomes are about to come to blows over this: Is it “Mish-el-toe” (a portrait of Misha on your big toenail) or Mishaltoe (a portrait of Misha made out of faux mistletoe?) You decide. – Inspired by Amanda W. IMPORTANT NOTE: Real mistletoe is toxic, so please use the fake kind or wear gloves and don’t touch your face or other surfaces if you go that route, and don’t let kids or pets near it. Safety first!
    24. IMAGE. Knit or crochet a “holiday ugly sweater” that depicts all the chaos and tribulations of 2020 effectively.
    25. IMAGE. Make a scrapbook page for someone you miss, all featuring things you love about them. Post it to social media & if they have social media, be sure to tag them, too.
    26. VIDEO. Some people with health challenges or in lockdown zones can’t get outside as much due to the pandemic, which takes a toll. If you’re in a position to safely go out and take a stroll, make a “walking tour” of your neighborhood or hiking areas near you to share with people who can’t go out.  – Inspired by Rachel M.
    27. IMAGE. Santa would never forget our furry friends waiting for their forever homes… Dressed up as “Santa Claws,” deliver animal treats and blankets to your local shelter. If you want to be an extra good GISH gnome, call your local shelter first and find out what they need. NOTE: If you’re in lockdown where you are, contacting your local shelter and creating a virtual donation online works, too. But you still have to dress up as Santa Claws while you do it!
    28. VIDEO. Right now, it’s extra-difficult to support some of our most wonderful, yet lonely, citizens: elderly people in retirement communities. In some areas, you can’t even send physical gifts or cards. But to make sure they know they’re not forgotten, we’re going virtual-caroling! Coordinate with other Gishers via the GISH app or social media to host a Zoom caroling party and connect with a local retirement community to share your event with the residents. (It may not sound perfectly in sync, but the spirit will be there.) Please do not show us the residents, just your lovely carolers.
    29. VIDEO. A lot of us are feeling stressed and even angry about all that we can’t do this season due to the pandemic. Fortunately, Boxing Day is almost here! Fill a box with notes explaining everything you’re sad or angry or resentful about missing out on, then wrap it like a pretty package. Hang it like a punching bag and work out your frustrations until all your grief is destroyed. 
    30. IMAGE. Pandemic or no pandemic, people in impoverished areas still have to get to work. Leave all-iday cards with bus fare (or bus passes) at a local bus stop.
    31. IMAGE. Food insecurity is hitting people so much harder this year. Dressed as an elf (with a mask and gloves), deliver a box of non-perishables to your local food bank. (Can’t go out? Online donations made while dressed up as an elf can help, too.)
    32. IMAGE. It’s the 10 year anniversary of Random Acts, as you know — and the 100% volunteer staff has done a lot over the years. Find an RA staffer to acknowledge online and give them a public serenade to thank them for their work. (Bonus: Make a tax-deductible donation to Random Acts. too:
    33. IMAGE. This year, we rightly celebrated Hero Nurses and Doctors… but they aren’t the only ones that have been heroically on the front lines, risking their lives to keep things going in the pandemic. Make a giant thank-you sign for orderlies, maintenance and hospital support staff and place it somewhere where they will see it. 
    34. IMAGE. What are you doing New Year’s Eve? Going to the GISHMAS Ball, of course…But you forgot to get a gown! Create a beautiful ball gown 100% out of recycled wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, and holiday decorations of your choosing. 
    35. IMAGE. Order (or bring) pizza delivery for those experiencing homelessness at an encampment or shelter. (Make sure to ask them to bring napkins and paper plates, and if sending to a shelter, please coordinate with them first.) Take a pic of yourself (or the delivery person) with the pies. 
    36. IMAGE. The 3 spirits from A Christmas Carol, trudging in to work at a billionaire CEO’s company headquarters. (You may use Photoshop for this if you cannot safely do it in real life.)
    37. IMAGE SIDE-BY-SIDE. Download the Donate A Photo app & send your GISH-iest selfie to help a cause. Every photo donated chips in $1 to a worthy cause. Post your GISHy selfie and a screenshot of your submission side-by-side.
    38. VIDEO. The latest foodie craze is the hot chocolate bomb… But it’s disappointing to learn that they don’t actually blow up! Safely, create a hot chocolate bomb that actually explodes (we’re talking baking soda or mentos style explosions, not things that can hurt anyone) and deploy it. – inspired by Jamie
    39. IMAGE or VIDEO. There’s a project you’ve always wanted to tackle, but it’s a BIG project. Huge. “Impossible to complete in just 10 days” massive. It might be a new skill, or a creative project, or a charitable initiative or a personal-growth project. Luckily, you have ALL YEAR to get it done — starting NOW. Post your Personal Challenge to THIS THREAD in the GISH Bunker or on your social media and by the end of the week, showing the first steps you are taking to success. Then, every week you must update your progress. In 2021, (spoiler alert!) during one (or more) of the Hunts, we’ll be checking in on your work for Points. Post your updates tagged #GISHPersonalChallenge. – Jennifer W.
    40. IMAGE. In the Northern Hemisphere, Dec. 21 is Wishing Star Night. (Get out somewhere where you can see the stars and make a wish on any falling stars you see!) You just made a wish on a star — literally. Create a giant, shiny star and cover it with you & your loved one’s wishes for the new year. 
    41. VIDEO. There are Christmas Songs and Chanukah songs and songs for New Year’s eve, but nobody’s ever written a true ALL-iday song. Change that: write and perform the world’s most inclusive song that celebrates everything everyone ever celebrates ever.
    42. IMAGE. A lot of LGBTQIA+ people struggle at this time of year with families that aren’t quite as accepting as they could be. Show the world that YOUR house is a welcoming space: hang a rainbow wreath with a message of inclusion on your front door.
    43. VIDEO. Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer was victimized by bullies until his difference became useful to the Claus Corporation’s bottom line . What the song never talks about is what happened AFTER he went down in history — create an anti-bullying PSA starring everybody’s favorite historically bullied reindeer. – inspired by Christine O. 
    44. IMAGE.  Baby, it’s cold outside! A photo (not a drawing or Photoshopped image) of a person and a real snowman, snuggled up by a cozy indoor fireplace, drinking cocoa together.
    45. IMAGE. RmUWWVZw28E E8gmARGvPlI You know what to do… make our wish come true.
    46. IMAGE. S-elf care matters. Show us one of Santa’s elves getting pampered. 
    47. IMAGE. Most people like to receive holiday cards and gifts, but postal carriers are burdened enough at this time of year. Luckily, Gishers are on the case with All-iday hide-and-seek! Hide greeting cards and/or a small gift in at least 3 locations (NOT at your own home) in your area, then drop a clue to the location in your GISH App Geochat or the GISH Bunker. If you FIND someone else’s cache, post about it on social media and make sure to drop one of your own somewhere else. – Inspired by Laurel
    48. IMAGE. A FOUND Holiday Spirit poster hung on a lamppost, telephone pole, or bulletin board — the kind with tear-away “take one” tabs. Make sure your poster also has a link to on it.
    49. IMAGE SIDE-BY-SIDE. Create the perfect 2020 snow globe: a perfect replica of you and the people “in your bubble” all in your living room. Submit it side-by-side with a photo of you and the people in your living room so we can see that you nailed it. (If you’re on your own, do Item 51 first, then showcase the people you’d LIKE to have “in your bubble” – whether you know them in real life or not.)
    50. IMAGE. You accidentally wrote a Christmas letter to Satan instead of Santa! But Satan’s been waiting for this moment all his life and he’s freaking DELIGHTED to step into the role. Show us a photo of Satan Claus dropping off gifts that the King of Hell would deliver. – inspired by Gardenia
    51. IMAGE. There’s folks you’re missing this year that can’t be with you physically. Create an avatar of them out of clothes stuffed with pillows and a portrait of their faces. Take a “family portrait” with all your folks present.
    52. A kiss-animal craft ornament of a character from Supernatural. 
    53. IMAGE. As much as they might want to, statues in your area can’t “stay at home.” Make sure they’re safe & warm: put a cotton facemask on them and dress them up in a cozy coat or blanket to cuddle up in. Pin a note to the coat to make it clear that someone should take it if they need it (and leave clean, new socks if you can, too). If you can’t leave your home because of safety/lockdown, you absolutely can donate some warm things or socks to a local shelter remotely instead.
    54. VIDEO (UP TO 5 MINUTES) If #GISH was a musical, what would it be? The Greatest International Stage Happening ever, of course. Team up with other Gishers to cast and perform a trailer for your all-iday musical Zoom event (make sure to record it)! In the true spirit of #GISH, all songs should shamelessly parody other musicals – from My Shot! to One Day More to a glorious finale, we want to see it all in under 5 minutes flat — and don’t forget the costumes and the dancing ensemble. 
    55. IMAGE or VIDEO. Of course all Gishers know the famous poem that begins, “‘Twas the Night…” that gets recited at this time of year. But as we wrap up 2020, we need a new, all-iday poem — one that counts down the last moments of this train wreck of a year… Write the updated classic, “‘Twas The Night Before New Year’s” and then post the image or recite it as a video with appropriate visuals.
    56. VIDEO. Boxing Day is a day of charity, when people of means box up things and give them to people with less (and a lot of other complicated, classist stuff we won’t go into). Let’s jump into the spirit of giving with the Great Cull of 2020: Go through your ENTIRE house and select as many things that you haven’t used in the last year or just feel like someone else needs more (extra jackets, warm blankets, you get the idea). Post a “shopping network” video extolling the virtues of at least two of the items in the mystery box — and make sure to detail how many things are in your mystery box, then send them to someone in need! (You can use GiveBackBox or another service like that for quarantine reasons, if need be.) 
    57. IMAGE. You know the 12 Days of Christmas song, and how every verse gets you more of the same thing? (First you get a partridge in a pear tree, then you get two turtle doves AND a partridge in a pear tree, so now you have 2 partridges… You get the idea.) As an exponential math problem, it’s  ridiculous. Paint a mural or sketch a drawing of yourself surrounded by EVERYTHING given to you by the end of the song if every itemized item in every chorus is fully taken into account. 
    58. IMAGE or VIDEO. Santa has gone too far: First, he knew when you are sleeping and awake, now he’s deployed an incursion of Elves on Shelves to spy on you. We say ENOUGH with their spying in 2021! Create an ad for a device to block the elves from their surveillance techniques. 
    59. IMAGE or VIDEO. Speaking of the Elf on the Shelf, everybody knows that’s just seasonal work and the gig economy is rough. Show us what the Elf on the Shelf does to earn a living when he’s NOT working as Santa’s Orwellian surveillance operative.
    60. IMAGE SIDE-BY-SIDE. Shovel the snow in your neighbor’s walk (if you’re in a snow-free area, rake their leaves or tend their yard.) Use the cleared snow (or lawn trimmings) to create an impressive sculpture of a “snow angel” in their yard. 
    61. IMAGE. Goodbye, gingerbread houses. This year, it’s all about Charcuterie Castles. Build an impressive replica of a famous castle all out of things you might find on a snack plate. (Of course, it’s zero-waste hunt so you have to eat it — or feed it to your local Charlie Capen.)
    62. IMAGE. A needlepoint portrait of Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett or any other prominent woman (here are a few) on the frontlines of developing the COVID-19 vaccine, with a message encouraging people to wear masks and get vaccinated!
    63. VIDEO (UP TO 2 MINUTES). SPN SPOILER ALERT!!!! In Castiel’s final scene, he said, “Happiness isn’t in the having. It’s in just being. It’s in just saying it.” The greatest gift you can give this year is your honest, whole self: Speak your absolute truth — it could be about where your happiness and your heart lives, or some core facet of yourself that you want to share with the world. 
    64. IMAGE. Giant monoliths keep cropping up this year, and nobody can figure out who or where they’re coming from. Strangely, one just appeared in San Francisco, made of gingerbread (but of course, we wouldn’t know anything about that…). Even stranger: one just like it appeared in a public place in YOUR town, inscribed with a message of hope. NOTE: Unlike the aliens or whoever keeps putting these up, be cognizant of wild spaces and your impact on them. DO NOT place your monolith anywhere that will damage the environment or any critters. (If you can’t safely go outside, it IS possible the monolith was set up in your own yard — or even your living room…) Yes, it can be made of gingerbread or any other material you like. Just try to make sure it’s the same scale as the other monoliths, if you safely can. 
    65. VIDEO. We may have to stay Home Alone this all-iday season, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with the neighbors and others who encroach on our “personal space.” Create a physically-distanced package delivery system worthy of Kevin McAllister and launch a wrapped gift with it. Merry Everything, ya filthy animals.


  1. VIDEO. We all know the best present is the box the gift came in. Turn the biggest box you have into a time machine that takes you 32 years ahead to the future of your dreams. Show us what you’re doing 32 years from now!
  2. VIDEO. Everyone knows that empty gift-wrap tubes are always, always swords. Engage in a fierce battle with the oldest person in your household.  
  3. IMAGE. 11 year-old Aiden Taylor wrote a book about self-love for other kids this year. You can do that, too! Write & illustrate a book of at least 5 pages about the bravest person you’ve ever known. (Then, if you can, make sure to read it to them.)
  4. VIDEO. My family has a dance we do for the 12 Days of Christmas. Perform the entire song and dance with as many family members as you can (you can include people on Zoom, if you like.) 
  5. IMAGE. Wrap up the oldest person and the youngest person in your house like holiday presents with recycled/used paper. Don’t forget the bows and ribbons. 
  6. IMAGE. What holidays are your toys celebrating right now? Show us the holiday party they’re throwing when you’re not in the room. .
  7. IMAGE. Make a holiday card for someone you love. Cover it with glitter. (Parents LOVE that.)
  8. IMAGE. Make a salt-dough holiday ornament of your pet. Post a picture of your pet with the ornament side by side.
  9. IMAGE. Bugs and outdoor animals deserve to celebrate, too. Set up a holiday party just for them and their size.
  10. VIDEO. (UP TO 3 MINUTES) Interview the oldest person you know about their happiest holiday memory, then tell them about YOUR happiest holiday memory. 



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