It came from another dimension… This strange creature from the (f)unknown appeared late one night in the stargazing fields behind the GISH Bunker. Did the GISH Hybridization Labs have something to do with its arrival? Was it accidentally brought here through a wormhole in the space-time continuum, or was it summoned by an errant chinchilla caught in Misha’s home-brewed particle accelerator? We just don’t know.

What we do know is this: 

It’s without a doubt the most unusual mascot we’ve ever had.



Our DNA tests indicate it is genetically half Chilean long-tailed chinchilla (chinchilla lanigera), half axolotl (ambystoma mexicanum – pronounced ah-show-lote), and half something else we can’t quite identify. While the Chillax is in many ways your typical paedomorphic salamander/rodent hybrid, our GISH scientists have discovered that his purple frilled gills serve to not only make it amphibious, but also help it draw negativity and ennui from the atmosphere, exhaling creativity, joy, and pure chill. That’s right: it actually radiates good vibes!

Due to an unfortunate workplace incident that no one could have ever seen coming, Chillax will be taking over duties from Beeline as our 2022 GISH mascot while she is in recovery. Chillax is a creature of few words, but seems excited to take on the role of intergalactic goodwill ambassador, inspiring Gisher to engage in unbridled chaotic good and unabashed weirdness. (However, we are a little concerned that it seems a bit… well… lazy. It keeps asking when naptime and happy hour are…)

As the Chillax is also able to regenerate its limbs at will, we are hopeful that it will have a long and successful career as a GISH mascot and be able to survive whatever you Gishers and Misha throw its way. Help us welcome Chillax!

HOBBIES: chilling out, free diving. Intergalactic eco-tourism

SKILLS: Able to spontaneously regenerate limbs, hanging out

FAVORITE FOODS: Whatever’s on

LIKES: Yoga, meditation, naps

DISLIKES: Anxiety, stress, responsibility