Welcome to GISH Fest!




Come hang out, have fun, connect, and make art with other party-goers from over 100 countries. GISH Fest is part festival, part scavenger hunt game. Spend six hours with us enjoying a fun list of easy creative challenges, phenomenal live performances, and so much more.

MAY 22, 2021
11 AM – 5 PM PT
HOST: Misha Collins
Want to learn more? Join us Friday, May 14th at 10am PT, for a “Welcome To GISH Fest” livestream Q&A where you can ask questions and learn more about this new event from the Vice President of GISH.

Sounds cool. But tell me RIGHT NOW… 

what in Misha’s shiny leisure suit IS this event? 

Glad you asked. GISH Fest is our first-ever 6-hour party-meets-festival… plus a taste of our world-famous Scavenger Hunt, all hosted by Misha Collins!

Come connect and play with special guests and GISH participants around the globe — right from your own living room. We’ll have the GISH lounge open for the entire six hours where host Misha Collins and special guests will pop by to hang out, play music, chat and create with you — and in the process, we’ll do some good together.

You can sign up solo or make your team (up to 15 members) for this no-pressure event that will help you relax and break free of the cycle of the mundane and reconnect with your joyful inner weirdo while empowering you to actually change the world for the better. Because after the year-plus we’ve had, we all need that. 

Come back here on May 14 at 10AM PT to learn more. Meanwhile, GO SIGN UP NOW AND INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS, TOO!

To join the party, all you have to do is go sign up now! Then,  build your team of anywhere from one player (that’s you) to up to 15 people! 

Basic Registration for GISH Fest is just $15.99!

But when you join GISH Fest, we aren’t just bringing the good time — you’ll also be doing good, too. Every registration helps fund a special, life-changing initiative that we’ll announce soon. You’ll see. 

Registration ends May 18 at 10 PM PT, so don’t miss the party and live a life filled with FOMO and regret. Put on your boogie shoes and go join GISH Fest now!


One Warm Coat works to provide warm coats to underserved communities. Each year, thousands upon thousands of people suffer or even die due to extreme cold temperatures. Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable, and studies show that people with comorbidities are at a higher risk of heart attacks and other fatal health events after exposure to cold.

The harsh global economic climate only exacerbates the issue — families who are struggling to even keep a roof over their heads and food on the table are often forced to forgo a warm coat for themselves or their children. Help us wrap them in warmth and keep them safe — sign up to participate in the GISH Wizards & Weirdos Mini Scavenger Hunt and you’ll provide 2 coats to 2 people. Upgrade to a Most Premiumerest Registration and you’ll provide warmth to 4 souls in need!

Spread some Chaotic Good with us and join us for the adventure of a lifetime, right from the comfort of your own home— and when you do, you’ll help us cast a spell of warmth and goodwill throughout the realm!