We’re partnering with our friends at Front Line Masks to create and provide innovative handmade, micron-filtered masks to health care workers.

This open-source mask pattern will allow crafters to make cloth masks with insertable, HEPA filtration (0.3 micron) filters for use by health care workers. 

If you would like to use their trademarked, open-source design and pattern to make filtered masks for other health care workers or other essential workers in your own community, please do! But take special care to  read ALL the instructions thoroughly and pay special attention to the guidelines and cautions before you proceed. 

 If you would like to participate in the Pacific Northwest effort and live in the NW Washington area, Frontline Masks is providing kits to local-area supporters. Go here for instructions, patterns, and to order kits. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE KITS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE WHATCOM COUNTY AREA, and must be returned to Front Line masks, who will provide the filter inserts & deliver to local-area essential workers.

THESE MASKS ARE A STOP-GAP, OPEN SOURCE PROJECT that are only as effective as the materials and fabrication used. Please utilize ONLY the filter options that they recommend (those that have been certified to filter to <0.3 microns, such as those found in some HEPA-rated cloth vacuum cleaner bags and forced-air filters), and please take note of the following points: 


  1. These masks ARE NOT INTENDED AS A TRUE REPLACEMENT for manufactured, CDC-certified, approved n95 respirators and are intended as a stop-gap measure during this crisis only
  2. These masks are ideally intended to be worn OVER n95 respirators as a second line of defense, as in many areas hospital workers are forced to wear their respirators for extended periods of time that exceed manufacturer’s recommendations. 
  3. With certified HEPA filtration material that filters to 0.3 microns, properly inserted, this mask MAY offer more protection than cloth masks only. But due to the wide variety of variables involved in homemade masks (materials chosen, sewing skills, human error, etc.) THIS PROTECTION CANNOT BE GUARANTEED. We ask that you caution any wearer that it DOES NOT offer full protection against coronavirus and that while using it, they may still be at significant risk of virus infection or transmission at a level comparable to that of wearing a cloth mask alone. 
  4. If you generate filters for the masks for members of your community, please make sure to photocopy the label of the product used for filtration and include that with your masks so that the wearer can independently research and verify the efficacy of the material and its contents and any health risks that may be present prior to use. 
  5. Certified filters (such as HEPA-certified vacuum bags,  Filtrete 2800, Halyard H600, or similar filters certified to 0.3 microns) may provide additional protection against coronavirus, but while some studies have been done THIS IS NOT FDA OR CDC CERTIFIED OR AUTHENTICATED, so please use caution in the materials you choose and note we are not endorsing any product as safe for use. We only offer this information as reference; it must be independently verified by the user. If you do provide filters, please include an image of the packaging to communicate exactly what you used as a filter before distributing to others, or other suitable proof of what you used so they may independently research the materials. These are only suggestions to have the biggest impact.
  6. This is a good-faith effort to support our essential workers in the health care and other public-facing industries. All burden of responsibility for the appropriate fabrication and use of any masks made during this effort will be on the maker and recipient/wearer of the masks.
  7. Our goal is to save lives and protect workers who are woefully under-supported, and we do NOT want to endanger anyone. So we ask that you use an abundance of caution and inform anyone who may choose to wear a mask you make of all the risks and fully inform them of precisely what materials they are entrusting their respiratory system (and possibly their life)  to before you donate them, so they can make an informed choice.