As a participant of GISH, you agree to abide by the “Rules and Regulations” and the “Consent, Release, Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement.” In addition to these agreements, you must strictly adhere to following these Commandments.
If you violate the Rules and Regulations or break a Commandment, you and your team are eligible for immediate disqualification. If a commandment is unclear, you are not permitted to contact support. We suggest you send a smoke signal or ambidextrous carrier pigeon with your question to 34°6’21.838 N, 118° 17’ 13.721 W.

How to Play The Halloween Haunt

  1. On October 30 at 4PM PT/7PM ET, we will post an Item list (aka “The Frightem List”) on our website of things for you to do, make, or find. Each Item has points assigned to it.
  2. You choose which Items to attempt. You have until the end of the Haunting period (November 1 at 4:00 PM PT/7PM ET) to complete as many as you want!
  3. Once you complete an Item, take a picture or video of it (you’ll be told which in the Item description) and upload it to our site. You get points for completed Items.
  4. We’ll pick some of our favorite submissions

The App. It’s free and you definitely want it. Find new friends. Chat with people from around the world. Build your teams. Win things. If you aren’t already living that GISH life, get the GISH app and make it happen.

1. Registration. You are only permitted to compete in GISH if you are kind of weird and weirdly kind. No haters, bullies, or hostile personalities allowed. We mean it.

2. Eligibility. You must register and electronically sign all registration documentation. All participants must be at least 14 to compete and must read and agree to the GISH “Rules and Regulations”.

3. Rights. We intend to share your stunning Item Submissions with the world. Therefore, by competing you agree to the Rights and License stipulations as detailed in the “Rules and Regulations”. In addition to agreeing to these terms, you also agree that we may use your Submissions as needlepoint pillows, earmuffs, or as interpretive dance routines as determined by the whims of our Grand Judge, who shall heretofore be identified only by his nom de plume. (You’ll be quizzed on this at exam time.) In short, what’s yours is ours. Capiche?

3a. Vampires. For their health and safety, all participating vampires are forbidden to go outside between the hours of 11 AM – 2 PM PT without approved full spectrum sunblock and a wide-brimmed hat.

3b. Vampires. Vampires are welcome in the Haunt. Energy vampires and emotional vampires are not. Kick those toxic drains out of your life — and unplug any unused appliances while you’re at it. There. Doesn’t that feel better?

4. Updates. We will post updates through both our mobile app and our website whenever we damn well please during the Scavenger Mini Hunt (FKA “GISH”). Items may be added or removed from the List without notice. Rules may be changed mid-Hunt without advance notice, so stay on it and don’t complain if something changes and you’re asleep at the wheel. You may stalk the Updates, but not GISH personnel. Celery stalking is allowed with a valid permit.

5. Behavior. You are not permitted to physically, emotionally, or psychologically hurt, berate, bully, or otherwise attack yourself, another participant, or anyone inside or outside the Mini Scavenger Hunt. We take this rule seriously! Any abuse of other participants during the Mini Hunt whatsoever or for any reason will not be tolerated. This doesn’t mean you can’t disagree, and note that we’re not going to mediate casual disputes—we trust you to work those out amongst yourselves with respect and decency. But all behavior on the app or any other GISH platform, past or present, real or fictional must be kind and no abuse will be tolerated. Violators could be penalized with loss of respect, loss of points, 2 AM hauntings by our most annoying poltergeist, or even GISH banishment. Be creepy, but don’t be a creep or we’ll stick you in a crypt to think about your life choices. We mean it.

6. Legalities. Some of the items in the Mini Scavenger Hunt may be illegal or against the rules to perform in some corners of the world. It is your responsibility to assess the local legality of your actions during the Hunt. If you believe completing an Item will cause you to break a law, DO NOT DO THAT ITEM. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to assess all of the Civil Codes that govern all the world’s municipalities and townships, so we leave it to you to know your region’s laws. This includes any rules, guidelines, or advisories by federal/state/province/WHO/governmental agencies currently in place with regard to shelter-in-place, physical distancing, being out in public without a mask, quarantine, curfews, or not kissing someone in quarantine on the lips.Your health and safety come first!

7. Scavenging Safety. The first rule of scavenging: be safe! Second rule of scavenging: Be safe!

8. Shame. Leave it behind. Ignore it. It doesn’t exist during the Hunt. We recommend throwing it into the laundry so it can end up in the dark and mysterious place where lost socks go.

9. Normalcy. We abhor it! For this Hunt, you must reject all normalcy. Be weird. Odd. Different. Try on a whole new you so outrageous your friends, family, and the public don’t even recognize you. This will pay off for you in the Hunt and in life. NOTE: Some of you may already be pushing the boundaries of weird and abnormal within society. Good work. Now kick it to eleven!

10. Item Interpretation. Generally speaking, we want EXACTLY what we’re asking for. If we ask you for a photo of a werewolf waltzing with a ballerina, we want EXACTLY THAT. Not a Photoshopped manipulation. Not a drawing. A photo of a werewolf. With a ballerina. Due to COVID and resulting quarantines, we’ve been a little lax about this rule but really, please try to adhere to it. During the Halloween Haunt, SOME creative interpretation will be accepted, but it must be a TRULY inspired combination of creative genius and hard work to receive points. Otherwise, you may get some pity points, or you may get nothing. Think inside your house, but outside the box.

11. Submission Tips. Visit our Submissions Tips page to get all the secrets, life hacks and magical incantations for getting bonus points for being creative on your Item Submissions.

12. Submissions Process. Submit Items by clicking on our “Item List” on our website (it will be posted when the Mini Scavenger Hunt begins). Then on the Item you’d like to upload, follow instructions. You must submit as instructed or you will not be awarded points for that item. This sounds scary and vague, but it won’t be.

13. Submission Formats. Photos must be submitted through our website using our upload feature. You need to submit your videos by entering your youtube.com links. Be sure to mark your videos “UNLISTED” on Youtube so that we can see them, but no one else can. Unless otherwise specified in the Item Description video submissions can be NO LONGER than 14 seconds. We suggest putting “2020 GISH HALLOWEEN HAUNT” and the Item Number in the description or title of your video. This makes our job easier. But not yours. Which we prefer.

14. Altering Photos/Video. THIS IS IMPORTANT! With the exceptions (1) as detailed clearly in Commandment 10 above, and (2) adjusting the exposure (i.e. making the image brighter) or color of an image, unless an item specifically asks for manipulation of photos or videos, you are NOT permitted to do so unless we specifically suggest it. We have graphic designers and NSA analysts on staff who can spot a digital counterfeit. We also use photoshop-detecting software that identifies pixel manipulations, Google image search and other tools, then Misha consults with a psychic to confirm the veracity of all items.

15. Scoring. Each item will have a point value associated with it. GISH may assign additional points to items that are most excellently executed. We take artistic merit, precision, and creative ingenuity into account. Likewise, we will award partial points for items that demonstrate an extremely good effort, but don’t quite achieve the item task. Teams that creatively interpret or blatantly disregard the Item are likely to receive 0 points or even be docked points for that Item if we’re judging it before we’ve had our morning mug of baba ganoush.

16. Complaining. No. Just don’t. Also, you must not gripe, whine, whinge, at any of the GISH staff, judges, or volunteers. Petitioning is forbidden. GISH is not a democracy! PACs and SuperPACs may be formed, but phone banking, lobbying and bribery is prohibited except on Tuesdays from 4 – 6 AM in the alley behind Fred’s once the CDC clears America of all cases of coronavirus. Don’t complain to us, or so help us we will subcontract a spirit to haunt you during your coffee break for the rest of your life.

17. Clarification. If you aren’t exactly quite clear what we’re asking for with an Item, we’re doing our job. You ARE NOT permitted to query our Support staff or our social media channels for clarification regarding the eligibility or interpretation of an item. Once they’re posted, it’s up to you to proceed. Confusion is part of the challenge of the Hunt. Enjoy.

18. Outsourcing. We encourage you to coerce your loved ones to play with you and help you with Items, but you are NOT allowed to purchase Items wholly from third parties or outsource to proxies. YOU and YOUR TEAM should be the primary participants in completing your items. At least one member of your team must create and/or be in the majority of your submissions. There will be some instances where you CAN reasonably outsource — if we ask for an item to be completed in the Amazon and your cousin lives in the Amazon and is willing to take a picture of the male flagelunting bug we’ve asked for, that’s okay as long as your cousin can do it safely and in accordance with local laws. But if we see evidence you’re just sitting at home tweeting for help and outsourcing to your local Girl Scout Troop, your team may be disqualified. YOU are playing, and we want to see what YOU can do. Don’t email us to ask questions regarding this commandment. You be the judge… and then we will.

18a. Proxies. You may not conscript proxies or GISH mercenaries to complete Items in your stead unless specifically stated in the Item or for a specific, good reason (such as a location-based item). Teams that use proxies to skive off their Items may lose points for outsourcing or even be disqualified. Remember: we’re everywhere, and we see you. 

18b. SPECIAL PLAY-AT-HOME HUNT MODIFICATION: Because of the challenges of quarantine, if you are in an area still under lockdown and do not have a thing or a person you need, DO NOT GO OUT AND SEEK IT. Get creative! This is the only situation in which we’re lenient on interpretation, and only if it is clear and obvious as to why modifications were made. Safety first!

19. Fear. Every GISH Hunt is filled with moments of trepidation and even outright terror, and the GISH Halloween Haunt is is no exception. It IS considered friendly for little monsters, but we reserve the right to include terrifying Frightems (Items), livestream events, or things that are just plain freaking scary. Please anticipate these moments of disquiet, bone-chilling terror and schedule them into your calendar accordingly. And don’t blame us if you can’t sleep anymore. 

20. Video/Image Plagiarism. We’re all for petty larceny for a good cause, but you shall not submit any items that were created by another team. Any team that is caught submitting another team’s Item shall be eligible for disqualification. You may not submit any items that were taken before any of our Scavenger Hunts. This is important, so we are repeating it for emphasis.

21. Environmental Considerations. All spirits that choose to spook from home to reduce their carbon footprint are eligible for Carbon Credits.

22. Scoring. Team scores shall be compiled by tallying up the total points accumulated and assigned to the team’s Item Submissions by our judges. In our final judging, Points may be increased, decreased or even docked based on the quality of the Submission and any mitigating factors surrounding it. 

23. Content Sharing. You may not “share” your images or videos until after the Scavenger Hunt, but you may not password-protect them either as we need to access them for judging. Violators will be subject to virtual incarceration. YOU MAY (and we encourage you) share your images and videos 13 minutes and 13 seconds after the Hunt is officially over. We will alert you when it is acceptable to share your submissions.

24. Collaboration. As cold-hearted as this sounds, don’t collaborate with other teams unless the Item is designated as a Collaborative Item. Many of our Mini Hunt Items will be collaborative, but if we don’t specify collaboration, please attempt it on your own with your team. If we find out that teams are collaborating you will get either fractional or no credit for the item. However, collaboration with any of the following is strongly encouraged: imaginary friends, teammates and their respective imaginary friends, enthusiastic pets (but not their imaginary friends). We mean it: teams have lost the Hunt in the past due to collaboration. 

25. Judging. Items shall be judged by Misha Collins and at least 6 official GISH Judges anointed by Misha Collins in a private ceremony.

25a. Item Creation. We don’t want to gossip, but a team once lost out on the Hunt by using something created before the Hunt Period. Don’t do it. All Items should be created DURING the Hunt, not using that great pic of your tattoo from the summer of 1969. (Obviously, you’re allowed to be resourceful. But if we ask you to take a pic with the Dali Llama on a llama, don’t use that pic of you happen to have of the two on vacation in the Andes last autumn.) 

26. The End… Is nigh. The Scavenger Hunt shall end when the countdown clock on the homepage reaches 00:00 and the Item List is removed from the GISH website. 

27. Responsibility. We’re taking planetary stewardship seriously. The Halloween Haunt is zero-waste, 100% renewable and sustainably sourced, physically distanced and fully disinfected. Don’t leave any waste materials to haunt you & give you bad karma.

28. Item Updates. These are placed on the “Updates” page during the course of the Scavenger Hunt. Watch it hourly. Pay attention. OBSESSIVELY CHECK THE UPDATES PAGE HERE: GISH.com/updates

29. Mummies. You may not hoard toilet paper unless you are a mummy and it’s a fashion statement.

30. Life Lessons. Be kind. Be precise. Be flippant. Be creative. Be courageous. Be shameless. Be spooky. Be a little scary to those “normals” around you. Be GISH. And whatever you do, don’t look behind you. It can’t see us if you