Ready to get weird(er)? 

Introducing the brand new GISH app on the App Store and Google Play. Come play with us and find out for yourselves. It’s time to become the champion your mom always said you could be…  


The Feed
Get exclusive updates from Chief Rabble-rouse Misha Collins, read the latest GISH news, and participate in exciting ongoing challenges to win awesome prizes. Be the first to know when news hits right away.

Ever wanted to meet people just as weird and creative as you? Use our GeoGISH map to find new GFFs (GISH Friends Forever) and team members for the Hunt. Our group chat feature allows you to talk to people in your area. Locations are purposely inaccurate (2000 feet proximity) to maintain privacy. Should you want to meet up in person, that’s on you. It’s like a scavenger hunt where the prize is human buddies!

The Hunt
Explore the depths of wackiness that is the GISH Hunt. Sign up our annual event, a Guinness World Record-winning game designed to bring out the weirdest, most creative and adventurous sides of people. It’s played in over 100 countries worldwide!

GISH Chats
Talk to weirdos just like you from around the world. Geo-chats allow you to talk people in your state or province. Direct and group messaging helps you connect even further!

My Team
Chat, conspire, and plot your world domination with GISH Hunt team members. Captains are able to remove players, set their team avatar and team name. You’ll also be able to see every invitation from other players to their team, too!

My Account
GISHers, represent! Show off your GISHy self by setting up your profile. It’s fully customizable, so you can choose how much (or little) you want to share with the GISHuniverse.

The Guardian says it’s “one of the strangest acronyms and unusual competitions in existence.” People magazine reports, “the weirdness (is) worldwide…” Wired says it’s, “a new twist on scavenger hunts.” You’ll call it “positively life-changing” and “something that happened to me.” Yahoo calls GISH, “brilliantly clever, gut-bustingly funny, and positively unforgettable.”