Read ALL the Rules and Commandments thoroughly and adhere to them, especially Commandments which deal with behavior, safety, and legality. It should go without saying, but we will say it again: At no time, for ANY Item, are you allowed to do anything that could hurt any living thing in any way. Not a mouse. Not a bug. Not a teammate. Not yourself. If your vision to create in any way imperils yourself or any other being or is harmful, find another way to accomplish it or choose another Item. 

We have lots to go around. 

Check here regularly throughout the Hunt for our running list of 2020 GISH List Updates!


  1. Item #1 We’ve updated the schedule & links for our GISHTalks!
  2. Item #21: TIME CHANGE! The Item is now up to 1 minute.
  3. Item 44: Werewolf Item updated. 
  1. IMAGE. Create & post a MISSING poster for Mrs. Smith’s Cat and hang it prominently in your house. 
  2. VIDEO. Despite what Donald Trump would tell you, LAUGHTER, not sunlight, is the best medicine. Tell us your best 15-second, family-friendly joke & post it tagging @RobBenedict & @dicksp8jr & #GISH.
  3. IMAGE. Craft your own talisman for chillaxation.
  4. IMAGE. Figure out what Misha’s REAL first job was… & provide “evidence.”
  5. IMAGE. Draw a gallery-worthy portrait of a bug in the style of the Renaissance masters. (Or at least, a “refrigerator worthy” one.)
  6. VIDEO. Join us at 8 PM to globally scream out our frustrations with our resident #GISH werewolf-therapist. (You should be dressed as a werewolf, but non-lycanthropes are welcome, too.) Then submit a photo or video of your global howl- or if you missed it, send us your best lone wolf howl.
  7. VIDEO. Right now, what we all want more than anything is for all of you to stay healthy and be well. Show us your falsetto-singing skills while you wash your hands for 20 seconds. Your song choice, of course, is “Stayin’ Alive”.
  8. IMAGE. Kids are missing out in school including all those soul-crushing science fair projects you inevitably have to help them with. Make a diorama to showcase something you learned from Dave — plus aliens, of course — all made of household materials. (If you missed it, research something out space and make a diorama.)  Please note: you don’t have to be a kid to do this!
  9. VIDEO. It’s Britney, brunchers… Perform your best rendition of the chorus of “Baby One More Time” in sign language, then go do item #51.
  10. IMAGE. Tell a compelling story of the life of someone you know through a pictures (either old photos or new ones you take now) showing why you love them or something about their strength and resilience, then share it with them (and us).