Welcome to the first-ever 2018 GISH Hunt! You’ve made an excellent/exciting choice to be the weird you wish to see in the world. Please find someone to give you a pat on the back today, although doing it yourself might work, too. And you’d look pretty great doing it.

To those who’ve joined us from years past, prepare yourself for the next level in GISH innovation. To those joining us for the first time (there are a lot of you!), some of you may be wondering “what exactly have I gotten myself into?” That’s the perfectly natural feeling to have. Enjoy it; there’s gonna be more of it.

Registration is now closed so the real fun can begin.

So, here’s what happens next:

1. We Build Your Team! In a few days, we will start merging partial teams that have not been locked and individual Gishers together to arrive at a proper team size. Depending on your competitiveness and your team size setting, this number will be 9 or 15 players. These are lucky numbers. You’re welcome.

2. We Confirm We Are Donezo With Your Team Formationing! In a few days, we’ll email you letting you know your team is formed. You can log in and connect with your new GFFs (GISH Friends Forever). YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE GISH APP FOR A PRIVATE CHAT CHANNEL WITH THEM! Be open and receptive to your new partners-in-crime. You’re going to need their help and they’ll need yours. The following words should describe this process: friendly, nice, courteous, inquisitive, and supportive. Any other behavior not befitting a Gisher simply won’t be tolerated and will result in semi-immediate action when we feel like dealing with childishness. We encourage immaturity but intolerance and bad behavior, we will not.

3. Communicate! This is vital between you and us as well as between you and your team. We will post _constant_ updates on our UPDATES page over the next couple weeks. This is how you will get your most up-to-date information. You’ll also get emails periodically. Before the Hunt, we suggest deciding on your preferred method of communication with your fellow team members. Most teams use one or more of the following: Facebook Groups, Slack, Discord, free chat rooms, group texts, and carrier pigeons but it’s MUCH EASIER TO DOWNLOAD the GISH App for updates and our new Team Chat feature!

4. Hunt! On July 28th at 7AM PT, Misha will post on the GISH Hunt site a list of items for you to complete. You may look like this when you read it. At first glance, you may be intimidated, but fear not! Your goal is to do any many as you can but you are not expected to do them all. In fact, no one ever has. Think of it as a grocery list of experiences. Choose a few that you know you can accomplish. You’ll be surprised at how many you can achieve.

5. Create! To complete an item, you must do what is described in that List Item, no matter how vague, wild, or fun. Then, provide a photo or video of your creation by submitting it to our site. We will explain this in more detail soon. Once you upload it to our site, you’ll receive points!

6. Make Your Hunt! You have one week to complete this List. The Hunt ends on August 4th. You can go all out and try to do as many items as you can, or you can just do a few items really well and enjoy a mellower GISH experience. It’s up to you, go-getter.

We hope this is more than enough information to get you started but just enough to leave you utterly confused. Feel free to read this email again thoroughly to prepare yourselves then await further instructions detailing our plans for rebellion.

The world needs you. GISH the world.

Hugs & hand sanitizer,

PS: Don’t forget, there’s still time to upgrade your account to include squeezable Misha heads, sock monkey hats, fashionable GISH messenger bags, and lots more!