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GISH Questions

GISH is the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt, a week-long adventure into the realm of weird art, creativity, kindness, adventure, and global positive mayhem. Created by Misha Collins, GISH is a celebration of joy as fuel for action; a place where art and connection can happen on a global scale. It’s also a helluva lot of fun and a great way to spend a few hours of your weekend, having fun, playing games, enjoying live events with surprise guests, getting creative and of course, doing some good in the process!

Yes! After you register and create or join a team, go to “invite friends” and choose the “gift & invite” option to send a paid invitation to your lucky friend.

Sure can, and thanks for asking! You can Gift a Registration to a friend if you have someone in mind, or you can donate a registration to our Gisholarship fund, which helps a random aspiring Gisher who can’t afford a ticket have a chance to play. Choose one:

Gift registration to a specific friend

Gift registration to a RANDOMLY CHOSEN gisholarship applicant

You must be 14 or older to register, but younger children are encouraged to help out! The item list will be suited to all ages.

Smart move! We’ll send you info and instructions about this when we re-open registration for the main hunt. Sit tight and just enjoy the GISH Fest for now!


Wouldn’t you like to know? Well, GISH started out as GISHWHES, the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. The brainchild of Misha Collins, GISHWHES combined creativity, charity, and acts of outrageous strangeness into a “scavenger hunt” of sorts that helps people expand their horizons, redefine what’s possible, get creative and do some good in the world. After years of being GISHWHES, we kind of started to maybe figure out what we were. Self-awareness is a dangerous thing, so we changed our name to GISH and moved boldly forward, ready to take on the world as never before.

If we know anything about ourselves, it’s this: GISH is a creative, bold community of people from all over the world completing ongoing challenges through our app and during the annual, week-long Hunt to change the world through hilarious, artistic, and kind tasks wherever they reside to win points and prizes. And the team that’s best at doing these hilarious, artistic, and kind items during the annual Hunt will win a fabulous Grand Prize!

You may be wondering: “How is GISH different from gishwhes?” Lucky for you, that’s the next FAQ.

It starts out the same but it’s 50% of the letters shorter but 50,000% more powerful. And the letters that remain are in ALL CAPS.

For the App Challenges:

All you need is a smart phone and our free app. You can meet other gishers and play our ongoing free challenges to enter to win valuable (and not-so-valuable) prizes. Pretty easy. 

For the Annual Hunt: 

All you need is a camera (or smart phone!), access to the Internet, and a desire to make trouble for the fun of it with an amazing global community of equally weird people like you.

After you register, you’ll be able to create your own team (up to 15 gishers), join someone else’s team, or play the world’s weirdest lottery by letting us put you on a random team.

On the first day of the Hunt, we will post a list of post weird, wild, and kind tasks for teams to divide amongst their members. There are some items that you need to find, and others that you must create. Accordingly, a team can be comprised of individuals who love to get out there and mix it up in the world as well as those that are more comfortable in their own house “creating items”.

When you do the items, you’ll upload the results (images or videos) on our website for points. After the Hunt ends on the final day, our judges and Misha Collins will go through all of the submissions and add bonus points for extra awesome items. We may deduct points (or items that weren’t done correctly. Misha will then appoint and anoint the winning team and they’ll win a fabulous Grand Prize. 

Past winners have received bucket-list team trips to Rome, a haunted castle in Scotland, a pirate ship in Croatia, the glaciers of Iceland, Hobbit houses in New Zealand, and the beaches and volcanoes of Hawaii. 

For the GISH Fest and GISH Mini-Hunts:

GISH Fest is a single-day event for anyone in any country on May 22 at 11 AM PT. You can play anywhere in the world, right in your own home. You can build teams up to 15 and the the Hunt List will have Items using household supplies and you!

GISH Mini-Hunts are weekend-long adventures in mayhem, a snack-sized version of our GISH week-long Hunt! All our events benefit charity, so you’ll have fun and do good at the same time!

We wouldn’t tell you even if we knew. If you’re asking this question, it means you’re thinking about experimenting with GISH. You want to know what would happen. But unless you can see into the future, the only way to find out is to do it. If you can see into the future, you still don’t know what it was really like, because you peeked & didn’t live in the moment. Don’t cheat yourself out of life experiences. Join!

But don’t do it because some Holy FAQing page peer pressured you into meeting your new BFF from the opposite side of the world, or inspired you to start a collective art project at your local nursing home, or to laugh/cry hysterically over your dog chewing up your creative masterpiece made of honey, guitar strings, and pillows. Any or all or none of these things might be part of your GISH experience, but no one will ever know unless you do the experiment.

So, do the thing and let US know what it’s like to participate in GISH!

Included in your Premium Participation Package is a BONUS Patience Development Program or PDP. We will continually assess your progress in patience development and will only send out your item(s) when we feel you have mastered the techniques taught in our proprietary program. The earliest you’ll be able to complete the program, however, is late Fall.

You don’t know what you’re trying to get yourself into… As your friend from the other side of the tracks, let us just say that that may not be your smartest decision. I mean, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr to keep updated on our constant need to burn out our volunteers.

The app is on your phone.

The Hunt is a week-long activity you can register for and play through our website and our app.

The App is an ongoing experience you can do anytime. Through our app.

Only if it’s conducive to your creative process and you’re in a safe environment.


We’re doing a little mini-hunt at the moment which is why there may be some errors displaying your August hunt registration in the app. Sorry about that. But no worries, we promise we haven’t lost it! You should still see it when you login to the website.

Please be sure you’re using your username, not your email address. If you can’t remember your username, send yourself a password reset email; it’ll contain your username as well.

Currently there’s an issue with special characters in both usernames and passwords; please make sure you’re not using any!

Please also fill out our app bug form here.

…suddenly appear every time you are near? Are you some kind of bird whisperer?

GISHMap uses your phone’s location settings to place you in a general area somewhere on the map. We’ve made the location intentionally inexact, somewhere in a roughly 1-mile to 1.5 mile area, to keep your location safe. You can hide yourself by toggling the button in the map section and/or turning off your location in your phone’s settings.

Your public profile shows: 

Your name, GISH Points, GISHPoints Tier status, region, “Gisher Since” status, and any social media handles, quotes, or other quippy things you’ve added. It does not publicly show your email address or date of birth or physical address.

Features and updates will roll out over time. What you might consider an “issue” is actually a feature!

Chats in the GEOGISH area are based on regional distances and boundaries. We are working to improve this feature over time and find better ways to connect you together for a common, nefarious purposes.

Registration will be launching soon. For now, play with the app. You’ll find out when registration opens. Chill out.

We know, and we’re sorry! This is on the list of things to fix, but in the meantime feel free to tap the “edit” pencil icon and edit the year yourself.

Sooooon, my precious. This functionality isn’t available in the app yet, but once we launch our shiny new website you’ll be able to update your username there!


Please be sure you’re using your username, not your email address. If you can’t remember your username, send yourself a password reset email; it’ll contain your username as well.

You’re reading this, so no.

Yes. Yes, you are.


Glad you asked! We’ve created a Google form to send bug reports to our developers; please fill it out here:

Sorry for the bugs and thanks for helping us out!


GISHpoints are loyalty program points and are NOT the same as Hunt points! They do not affect any team’s chances of winning. Their main purpose is to accumulate over the years and be admired from a distance. But they also give you a sense of superiority over other lifeforms and establishes an unfair hierarchy to be wielded for general gloating and may entitle you to some special perks now and then. Hoard them like gold.

We will award GISHPOINTS for the Hunt and for HARSH (originally named FEGVEP, our community judging system) at a later date. Much like deserts, they may leave you feeling parched and a little sunburned, but are worth the wait. 

There is currently no way to transfer GISHPOINTS from an existing account to a new one, but that’s not to say there never will be. Which is not to say there will be.


The gishwhes account that you used to register for the hunt is separate from your Gishporium account. You don’t need a Gishporium account to buy all the gish things! But if you really want to have a Gishporium account, you can create a new one there. If you created an account for the Gishporium before and can’t remember it, you can choose the password reset option… or eat several helpings of broccoli, as broccoli is excellent brain food.

Please read the Gishporium’s FAQ first! Then if you still need help with something, fill out the form below and choose “Questions about the Gishporium”. Your message will be sent to the gish gnomes who have lots of answers. But be nice! Kindness will get you everything. Or at least the things you bought & some nice thoughts about your demeanor.

Still have a question that wasn’t answered here? 

However, please note that if you ask for clarification on any rule, commandment, or item, you will not receive a response as we are not permitted to assist on these. Use your own judgment and do as you see fit!