The 2020 GISH Winners' Ceremony

And the 2020 GISH Hunt Winners are…

You are about to find out. Join us here Friday, December 4, at 12 PM PT for a LIVE, interactive announcement with our mischief-maker in chief, Misha Collins to learn who will be officially crowned the 2020 GISH Hunt Winners and Runner Uppers!

This Winners’ Ceremony will be like no other.

We know you’re busy registering early for the 2021 GISH Hunt, but we’re rolling out the teal carpet for our first-ever live, interactive 2020 GISH Winners Ceremony. Put on your fanciest GISH Formal attire and join us live from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you are) for a winners’ ceremony that will make the Academy Awards jealous and the Nobel Prize ceremony feel a bit upstaged.

All Gishers are encouraged to tune in… but we also need your participation. 

Choose one (and only one) member from your team as tribute to be your team representative. It could be your Team Captain, the shortest person, or just someone who you choose at random. This person should be willing to potentially appear on-camera with Misha Collins, in the event that your team is a Winner, a  Runner Upper, or just in case we decide to showcase that person because we like their hair.

If you are the Team Representative, and ONLY if you are the team member designated as tribute, please fill out the form below to receive your invitation to the broadcast. Please talk with your team first and volunteer as the Team Representative only by consensus and only if you are certain you are able to attend!




Registration for the 2021 GISH Hunt is OPEN!

Basic Registration for the 2020 GISH Hunt is just $25.01!

That’s about the price of a trip to the movies or 100 quarters for a whole week of world-changing fun—plus the chance to win the prize of a lifetime and the admiration of the entire world! SIgn up now! 

But we know not everyone can afford $25.01, so we created The Gisholarship Fund to help EVERYONE to be able to play.

Need help to pay for registration? Apply for a Gisholarship!

With our Gisholarship Fund, Gishers donate registrations to ensure everyone can be part of the GISH community, regardless of economic status. (We don’t always have enough donated registrations to help everyone, but we do our best to help as many as we can.) Gisholarships help change so many people’s lives, and deeply we appreciate Gishers who help make them happen.

Need a little help? Simply go through our registration process and when it asks for payment, select the Gisholarship option to apply.



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