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Commandments and Rules: Please read our mini-hunt commandments and rules to ensure you carry out your GISH duties within our guidelines.

Pandemic Restrictions: For the safety of all Gishers, and in light of the continued presence of COVID-19, ALL local and regional COVID-19 restrictions must be strictly observed, which may include wearing a mask while around others, physical distancing, and frequent hand washing. Be safe and do not risk endangering yourself or others in your pursuit of GISH. Infection rates are fluctuating, but we want to spread kindness not infection. Thank you.




Watch the Zoom panel here!

Zoom Challenge: None!



ZOOM PANEL #2. SATURDAY, MARCH 26 AT 3:00PM PT (Pacific Time): Publishing Panel with Felicia Day, Aaron Reynolds and Kate McKean.

Watch the Zoom panel here!

Zoom Challenge: Now that you’ve heard from our panelists, you’re a publishing expert! Create an irreverent, sardonic postcard book of “5 Surprising Ways to Catch a Publisher’s Attention” that offers NO practical advice and read it to us. Post it online and tag @EffinBirds and @Kate_McKean, @GISH & #BookBash



ZOOM PANEL #3. SATURDAY, MARCH 26 AT 6:00PM PT (Pacific Time): Illustration with Felicia Day, Loryn Brantz, Megan Padalecki, and Sean C. Rubin

Watch the Zoom panel here!

Zoom Challenge: (Collage) They say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and no one knows that better than book illustrators Loryn Brantz, Megan Padalecki, and Sean C. Rubin. Get as many members of your team as you can to each create a children’s book page with an illustration that communicates a complex concept (e.g., La Mort de l’Auteur, Planck’s Principle, “neotribalism,” “circumlocution”, etc.) in cute, kid-friendly ways in images. This is an illustration challenge, so you can’t use more than 5 words on the page. Post your image(s) on social media tagging our panelists @lorynbrantz, @SeanCRubin, and @BigMoBook (@padaleckistudio on Instagram) with #GISH and #BookBash and submit all your illustrations as one collage.



ZOOM PANEL #4. SUNDAY MARCH 27 AT 11:00AM PT (Pacific Time): Books and Activism with Felicia Day, Traci Thomas, Charnaie Gordon, and Karen Walrond.

Watch the Zoom Panel here!

Zoom Challenge: Fighting censorship and battling for representation is LIT! Stock a Little Free Library with at least one banned book or a book by authors from or featuring characters with diverse backgrounds. (If you don’t have Little Free Libraries in your region, you may create one or add yours to a local library’s inventory.) Post a photo of you, boldly adding the banned and equity-building books into the library, and tag @TheStacksPod_ (@TheStacksPod on Instagram), @hereweeread, and @chookooloonks (@heychookooloonks on Instagram). (Book character costume not required, but encouraged.



ZOOM PANEL #5: SUNDAY MARCH 27 AT 6:00PM PT (Pacific Time): Closing Ceremonies with Hosts Misha Collins and Felicia Day.

Watch the Zoom Panel here!

Zoom Challenge: None!


7Get out your red pens, nerds — it’s time to proofread the GISH #BookBash List! Using proper proofreading marks, go through our List to find the actual Item you must submit, hidden in the “mistakes.”


8Butterfly in the sky? I can go twice as high! Build a massive Reading Rainbow out of books with covers in ROYGBIV colors. (Disagree on which is higher? Bonus points if you add a massive book butterfly suspended in the sky.


9Having fun isn’t hard when you use a library card! Help someone who has never had this passport to joy get their first-ever library card. Submit a photo of them with their new treasure.


10A portrait of Volodymyr Zelenskyy made out of sunflower seeds and/or sunflowers. Post your image on Twitter and tag #IStandWithUkraine, #GISH, #BookBash, @ZelenskyyUa & @GISH.


11(No video length limit.) My Some Things I Still Can’t Tell You audiobook is available for pre-order, and I’m shamelessly using this Hunt to promote it — but I’m worried that my poems won’t be able to reach a global audience. Perform a dramatic reading of one of my poems in any language you are fluent in otTher than English. Post your video on social media with the link to the audio book and tag @GISH & @mishacollins, using #GISH and #BookBash. Submit your video and a link to your post.


12An Amazon, McDonald’s, or Walmart worker in uniform, relaxing and reading a copy of Marx’s Das Kapital. Rise, proletarians! [Book Recommendation]


13Get lost in a good book: literally! You’re the pop-up in a human-sized “pop-up” book. Create a life-sized version of your favorite pop-up book (real or invented) with you as the thing that pops up.


14Mythological beauty Medusa, in a beauty salon, getting her snakes styled.



CHANGE A LIFE: Literacy Can you read this? If so, you’re more fortunate than many. Imagine wondering what is on this page, but not being able to comprehend it. Imagine trying to buy food, get a job, or obtain information without the most fundamental of all skills: the ability to read. This is a stark reality for far too many people. 

According to an analysis of National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) scores, 25 million children in the United States cannot read at a proficient level. 93 million American adults read at or below a basic level, and a staggering 43% of US adults are functionally illiterate. Those statistics sound hard to believe, but they’re true. There’s a direct correlation between poverty and illiteracy: economically disadvantaged children, lacking access to books and educational resources, are less likely to have the foundational skills to succeed. By age 3, there’s a 30 million word gap between wealthy and poor children, and by kindergarten, the gap continues to grow. A lack of reading skills can lead to fewer job opportunities, trapping them in poverty — and without a change, their own children are often doomed to a similar future. 

But together, we can help break the cycle — and the answer is in a book. HELPING CHILDREN READ Ms. Bellamy is an elementary school teacher in Florida. Approximately 80% of the students in her school are severely low-income and are at a higher risk of facing the challenges described above. Without access to books, the kids are less likely to develop the core literacy skills they’ll need throughout their lives. For this GISH Book Bash Literary Mini-Hunt, we’re teaming up with Reading Is Fundamental, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, to get books into their young hands. Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) is committed to a literate America by inspiring a passion for reading among all children, providing quality content to create impact, and engaging communities in the solution to give every child the fundamentals for success. RIF empowers children in under-resourced communities like Ms. Bellamy’s school to experience the power and joy of a book. With your support, Ms. Bellany’s students and others like them will be able to take home books to learn from and treasure, fostering a life-long love of learning and helping to level the educational playing field for underserved kids.

BOOK OWNERSHIP MATTERS: Studies show that if a child grows up in a home with 100+ books, they have a 90% probability of graduating 9th grade, compared to 30% in bookless homes. The wage gap between high school dropouts, graduates, and college graduates is tens of thousands of dollars each year, so the simple act of putting books in children’s hands in their formative years can change the trajectory of their entire lives! 

YOUR MISSION: GISH is joining forces with Reading is Fundamental to provide 5,000 books to economically disadvantaged children, helping them gain the foundational literacy skills they will need throughout their lives — but we need your help to make it happen. With the power of the GISH Community and Random Acts, we can help this incredible organization introduce children to the joy of reading and give them lifelong access to the world around them on any path that they choose.

YOUR GISH ITEM: Using the link on this page, create a Fundraising page for your team. Since this is GISH and there’s always an extra twist to everything we do, here’s the deal: we want you to get OTHERS to donate to your Classy page. Get at least 10 donations from friends, family, individuals or businesses NOT on your team. You and your team members are welcome to donate to your campaign, but that is not a requirement for Points — the Item requirement is to get at least 10 people who are NOT on your team to make a cumulative total of least 10 donations. There is no minimum to donate for GISH purposes, but Classy does require a minimum $10 donation be collected. Please encourage others to be as generous as possible; really use your powers of persuasion so we can make a profound impact! We know you don’t need Points as an incentive to help underserved kids, but since it’s part of the Hunt we want to maximize the power of your Points to help them most children we can, so the team with the top donations will get double Points as a bonus. Submit a screenshot of your team’s page with a minimum of 10 donations on it. (To initially create a fundraising team, click the FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN button.) Let’s rally together to help end illiteracy and give kids the joy of reading and the tools they need to chase their dreams! DONATIONS ARE 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE. 90% OF THE DONATIONS GO TO  READING IS FUNDAMENTAL; 10% OF DONATIONS WILL GO TO RANDOM ACTS TO FACILITATE ADMINISTRATION AND FUND ACTS OF KINDNESS (for countries other than the U.S., deductions are contingent on your laws).



LEGACY OF WAR: Every Hunt, we have a Change A Life Item (Item 14), where we focus on the collective energy of the GISH community to make a difference in the lives of one specific family, community or organization. But we are living in extraordinarily challenging times, and the war in Ukraine has changed the equation. So this Mini-Hunt, we’re asking you to go above and beyond to change lives in TWO ways with this special Item from our friend and GISH Ambassador, Legacy of War’s Giles Duley. (Watch this video to hear from Misha and Giles about this effort!)

As you know, the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine is dire. Putin’s armies are attacking civilians and no place is safe. Over 10 MILLION people have already become displaced, seeking refuge in nearby countries — if they can get there. But many of the most vulnerable, marginalized Ukrainians are being overlooked. Bomb shelters and public transport are often inaccessible to people with disabilities, to say nothing of the roads to get them there. They often have to flee their homes without their equipment or have no choice but to remain in place, hoping for the best as bombs rain down around them. It’s an infuriating, nightmare situation.

We’re teaming up with Giles’ Legacy of War Foundation and Random Acts to help provide wheelchairs and support to help as many of the 2.7 million Ukrainian children and adults with documented disabilities and other vulnerable members of society as we can. Our goal is to raise £25,000 to purchase and transport 100 wheelchairs and accessories to ensure people living with disabilities can evacuate safely and with dignity. We are working with disability advocates in Ukraine and have drivers at the ready volunteering their time to deliver the equipment and provide evacuation assistance; all we need is the funding. If we exceed our target, we will continue to purchase additional mobility aids (including specialist and high dependency wheelchairs), and an adaptive vehicle to provide further evacuation help. Any further funds will be used by Legacy of War Foundation to develop sustainable longer-term support for vulnerable communities in Ukraine.

YOUR MISSION: Get at least 10 PEOPLE not on your team to donate to the Legacy of War fundraising page. The donation can be any amount, and we’re not asking you or your teammates to donate (though you’re welcome to). Reach out to friends, associates, or local businesses to gather donations. There is no minimum to donate for GISH purposes, but Donorbox does require a minimum £3 donation be collected (less than $4 USD). Please encourage others to be generous so we can make a profound impact and help as many people as we can escape the horrors of war.

We know you don’t need points to motivate you to help with this Item, but to further incentivize you, the top 5 TEAMS to successfully cajole people into donating the most will receive double Points, and the top 5 TEAMS with the most donors will also receive double points. Submit a collage showing the donation receipts from people who donate on your behalf indicating the total donated with a minimum of 10 donations on to get your Points. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.


17Perfectly recreate a “trashy” romance novel cover by dressing up in an outfit made from actual trash.- Inspired by Heather H.


18“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou. We don’t want you to suffer in agony, so we’re launching the first annual GISHGOWRIMO! Write the first page of what will no doubt one day become your international best seller. It can be a poetry book, a memoir, fiction, non-fiction, a children’s book… It’s up to you. You have an entire year to get it done, and we will be checking in on you. As many team members as you want can participate — submit one page, or all pages as a collage. Remember, it’s a first draft so don’t get it right — just get it written. Go! [Book Recommendation 1 / Book Recommendation 2 ]


19You young folks probably don’t remember lIibrary card catalogs, also known as “paper Google.” But even that was an innovation for its time. Show us the clay tablet “card catalog” from the Library of Ashurbanipal.


Image or Video
20You write in order to change the world. If you alter, even by a millimeter, the way people look at reality, then you can change it.” ― James Baldwin. Write the word “REALITY” upside down and backwards on a large sign or wall in a public place. Beneath it, post your manifesto detailing the ways you intend to change the world for good. Book Recommendation]


21Everyone likes having something to read in the bathroom, so yours always has literature on hand. On today’s toilet paper roll: T.S.Eliot’s The Wasteland.20Image
22Create a cheery, kid-friendly pop-up book about nuclear war and disarmament, then read it to us.26Video
23The last line from the poem on page 47 of my book, Some Things I Still Can’t Tell You, written on a single blade of grass lying on a sidewalk. [ Book Recommendation ]23Image
24NY Times best- seller Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, recently released Broken (In the best possible way), a book about celebrating the strange and broken parts of ourselves. This speaks to our souls: To celebrate your own strange and broken parts, create a stunning sculptural portrait of yourself made out of 100% broken things:  broken plates, that weird thing in your junk drawer that you’re not sure what it is but it’s definitely cracked, etc. (Then, let’s just pretend this never happened. [Book Recommendation 1 / Book Recommendation 2]38Image
25(Grid Item) Who says you can’t judge a book by its cover? Each member of your team must depict themselves on the cover of a book that best represents them. You may use costumes and Photoshop, and you may parody the title, but we must be able to clearly see photos of your faces and be able to tell which book you’re referencing. Submit a grid or collage of your books.45Image
26(Montage – Up to 2 minutes) You’re a real Tom Sawyer — but instead of conning someone into doing your chores, you’re conning convincing them to do acts of kindness. Dressed as Twain’s famous character, get at least 3 strangers to commit acts of kindness in a public space — picking up trash, handing out flowers, doing repairs, etc. The acts can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, but remember: you aren’t allowed to lift a finger. [ Book Recommendation22Video
27Using topographical maps, like google earth, locate a parcel of undeveloped land that is flat, free of vegetation, and uniform like a vast expanse of prairie farmland, a dry lake bed or a sand desert. The location must be an area measuring at least 2 miles square. It CANNOT be protected land such as a national park or delicate habitat. Take a screenshot of it and overlay a Photoshop image, as if you have carved into the earth to make it, of a message or drawing that would be seen from space. The message should be a call for help, as if an SOS message we are hoping a passing space fleet of benevolent aliens might see and come rescue us from ourselves. Submit it with the location, GPS coordinates, and description of what your image represents in the footnote of the image. [Book Recommendation]47Image
28I just announced my new role on CW’s upcoming Gotham Knights, where I’ll play comic book villain Two-Face, aka Harvey Dent. To help me sink my teeth into the role, create a portrait of Two-Face completely out of Dental toothpaste and other dental products.55Image
29It’s time for “tall tale tag”… and you’re It! Captains, quote tweet THIS POST; write the next part of the story and tag another teammate. That teammate should REPLY to your quote-tweeted post, writing the next part of a story and tagging another teammate. Then, all other teammates should continue REPLYING and TAGGING each other in turn until you have told a story in a Tweet thread of at least 10 posts, with no user repeating two turns in a row. Then find other Gishers not on your team and tag them to add to your story, too. Confused? Great. We’re doing our job. Tag your posts @GISH & #TallTaleTag & #GISH. Bonus points for the most outlandish, hilarious tall tale you can tell.14Image
30A fully-functioning, yet still edible, gingerbread typewriter. Show it in use.93Video
31Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill bans “classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity for students K-3” or in a manner that is “not age-appropriate for students…” But coloring books are appropriate for everyone — just like inclusion should be. Create an “It’s OK To Say Gay!” LGBTQIA and gender-inclusive coloring book page. Post your images online for folks to download and color and tag it @GISH, #ItsOKToSayGay & @GovDeSantis and use #GISH & #BookBash. (Then, after the Hunt, send your page to Ron DeSantis with a pack of crayons, if you can.)24Image
32Cave paintings were the first “written” stories, but we just don’t see enough of them these days — so let’s bring it into the 21st century. Depict your favorite movie or TV show’s story in a prehistoric style worthy of the Lascaux Caves, painted on the walls of your “(hu)man cave” or den. – Inspired by Monica D.38Image
33Let’s see your finest “Book Art”. It should be made of books and should depict someone that inspires you, whether that be a social leader of change in the world, or even a fictional hero that has characteristics to which you aspire. Beneath the Book Art, print out a sentence or phrase that encapsulates something about them.28Image
34German Johannes Gutenberg is credited with inventing the printing press, but the real credit should be bestowed on Korean Choe Yun-ui, who invented the process 150 years before Gutenberg was born. In his honor, create a block print of a jindallae flower, the title of Korea’s most famous poem (by Kim Sowol). [Book Recommendation]29Image
35Introducing the latest GISHCorp invention: the Human Typewriter! It’s the world’s biggest manual typewriter, perfect for typing big signs and billboards! Recruit two of your friends to operate the banner-sized paper and “platen” and others as the strikers. You’re at the keyboard. Confused? Us too. Go… and don’t forget to get someone to be the “bell!”48Video
36Fanfic writers, this is your moment: Write a one to two paragraph flash-fiction story about Castiel’s first day in Heaven, when he is handed a mop and is told to clean up his mess. You’re not allowed to include any other characters in the story, and obviously, keep it clean — my mom will read this! Oh, and it has to be written in Enochian. (It’s funnier that way.) Submit an image of your story in Enochian, with English translations.24Image
37Before we had paperbacks and hardbound books, we had the lontar, or palm-leaf manuscript — and I’m bringing this eco-friendly book style back. Create a lontar with a copy of a poem from Some Things I Still Can’t Tell You, or any poem you like, inscribed on the leaves.49Image
38Creepypasta. Literally.19Image
39Comic books are books, too! Re-create a cover of an issue of The Boys, but featuring Jensen Ackles’ rendition of Soldier Boy, made completely out of Skittles. Post your image online and tag @jensenackles, @therealkripke, @theboystv, @Skittles, #GISH and #BookBash.49Image
40“To dream the impossible dream; that is my quest.” This is your quest: dressed as Cervantes’ famous knight errant, tilt at a modern wind turbine. [ Book Recommendation ]33Image or Video
41Victor Hugo once wrote: “Wherever men go in ignorance or despair, wherever women sell themselves for bread, wherever children lack a book to learn from or a warm hearth, Les Misérables knocks at the door and says: ‘open up, I am here for you.” No one should go without bread or books. Bake a heart-shaped loaf of bread and give it, along with a book, to someone in need. [ Book Recommendation ]30Image
42(Montage) “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is Optional.” – Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Running is a meditative reflection on mindfulness. But now, I want to know what you talk about when you talk about when you’re running. Show me. But to be clear, of all of Murakami’s books, I think what I talk about when I talk about running is his worst, so this is not a book recommendation.29Video
43“Hello babies. Welcome to Earth. It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It’s round and wet and crowded. On the outside, babies, you’ve got a hundred years here. There’s only one rule that I know of, babies: “God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.” The babies coming into the world are going to need all the help they can get. Knit or crochet a tiny sock monkey hat for a newborn and, after the Hunt, donate it to your local hospital’s neonatal unit. [Book Recommendation]47Image
44(Side-by-Side) My friend Mike looks like the spitting image of Malcolm Gladwell — so much so that he gets stopped in public and asked for autographs. There have to be other literary doppelgangers out there. Find one in real life (not a picture you found on the Internet) and show me their portraits, side-by-side. The doppelganger needs to be holding a hand mirror. If the famous person is still alive and on social media, post your image to them and tag their handle and @GISH, #GISH, and #BookBash. Submit the original image and a link to your post, if any.38Image
45Rachel Miner is such a devoted bibliophile, she would probably live in a book if she could — so we’re making it happen. Create a portrait of Rachel on a bookmark and post it on social media, tagging @rachelminer1 (@rachelminersgram on Instagram) #GISH and #BookBash. Then, submit the original image to us.18Image
46Choose your own adventure, but choose wisely: You can only select one, and whichever link you click is the one your team must do: TURN LEFT / TURN RIGHT.29Image or Video
47Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt is a classic, sweet “touch and feel” sensory book for small children with bunnies to pet and flowers to smell, but grown-ups’ worlds are more complex, so their books are, too. Create a “touch and feel” picture book for grown ups with less pleasant, but still all-ages appropriate, things to touch and smell like “sandpaper,” “eyeballs,” “sorrow,” “snot,” “steel wool,” “that stinky stuff at the bottom of the garbage can (aka “garbage juice”), or “Ted Cruz’s beard.” Then, have a friend read it to us.31Video helps match Ukrainians with people in surrounding countries offering temporary shelter. We think this is brilliant — but not every Polish or Ukrainian person may have heard about it. Let’s help spread the word: Create an eye-catching poster with a QR code and the URL as well as a description of the site’s function in English, Ukrainian, and Polish; then, get it posted at a public location in Poland where residents and refugees might see it. Bonus points if you also post it online with the URL and tag #GISH, #BookBash, #Ukraine & #україни Submit your image and a link to your post, if any. s30Image
49Write a letter “reporting” Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas to the Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services for child abuse against all Texas trans children for his abusive and bigoted law criminalizing parental support of transgendered youths. Post your letter on social media and tag @TexasDFPS, @GovAbbott, @EqualityTexas, #GISH & #BookBash. Then, mail the letter to the Governor’s office.36Image
50Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to read, but your hands are full? Get the new GISHCorp BookSpecs! Create a pair of glasses that are modified to hold an open book at just the right distance in front of your face, no matter what you’re doing. Bonus points if it includes a hands-free page turner.57Video
51No one ever really “diagrams” sentences anymore, but we still need to know how everything fits together. Let’s see a gruesome, bloody, sentence autopsy.31Image or Video
52The Epic of Gilgamesh was the world’s first epic poem. You just discovered a tablet or papyrus scroll of its sequel: The Epic of GISHgamesh.39Image
53Some places are inaccessible to people with disabilities, and that’s not write. Find an area in your community that needs an accessibility makeover, then create a poster explaining the problem with a QR code to a petition lobbying for accessibility. Post it by the offending location and after the Hunt, bring it to your local legislators or business owner and fight to get the change made. – Rachel M.29Image
54This “effin” item is even more effin ridiculous than the rest of this bonkers list: bird species are going extinct and that’s bullshit. In the style of @EffinBirds, create a finely illustrated rendition of an extinct bird species lost to climate change with a caption that exemplifies this travesty, like “Peace out, fuckers!” or “Get your shit together, humanity!” Post it on social media with details of the species and the estimated date of its demise, tagged @EffinBirds, @AudubonSociety, #GISH and #BookBash.27Image
55In the original movie, the Ghostbusters tried to capture a spectral librarian at the New York Public Library. They failed, and now she’s haunting your library. Show us proof that she’s still at work.  — Inspired by Monica D.19Video
56Some people read while they eat, in the loo, or on top of a bank when they need better lighting. Not you — show us you reading in the most outrageous place or doing the most daring thing anyone has ever done with their nose in a book. (Remember: no reading while driving or doing anything that will cause you or anyone else to be actually unsafe. GISH wisely.) [Book Recommendation]22Image
57(Up to 1 minute) Hemingway’s memoir, A Moveable Feast, was metaphorically titled to reference the memory of a splendid place you have visited that stays with you throughout your life. Share a memory of a place that symbolizes your own “moveable feast,” while juggling at least two pieces of produce. Bonus points if the juggling speaker is over 50 years old or juggling more than 4 pieces of fruit. [Book Recommendation]28Video
58Oh, no… Your library (local or personal) has been infested with bookworms! Show us the epic battle between you and these massive, book-munching behemoths.29Image or Video
59A bibliophile of your stature deserves more than a standard “reading nook.” Build the most elaborate, over-the-top, fabulous reading nook the world has ever seen.24Image
60(Collaborative) It’s time for a GISH Big Bang, featuring Misha and the Queen! Find a partner from another team in the GISH Bunker or on social media and team up to create the best super-short story and illustration you can about Misha and HRH Elizabeth II! One person will write a half page story, the other will illustrate. Your story must be a play on a well-known work of literature.28Image
61LeVar Burton has long been a champion of literacy and the power of storytelling — but he’s also been a champion of equality. But don’t take our word for it! Listen to a chapter of his This is My Story series, then create a portrait of LeVar from quotes from famous black authors and activists..32Image
62Create an ad for GISHCORP’s 100% Organic Anapest Control, specially formulated for poets31Image or Video
63Megan Padalecki’s books feature animals trying to find their way in the world. Draw a page of our new GISHCORP children’s book, My Place in the World, featuring a cute animal from the IUCN Redlist trying to make its way despite the threat of extinction. Next to this IUCN Redlist should be its friend: a former (or future!) Gish hybrid mascot. [Book Recommendation]47Image
64Sunday is Mother’s Day in the UK! We know how your mom loves to keep a good book on hand, so let’s help her out: paint your mom’s fingernails with her favorite books on each nail. Bonus points if your nail art incorporates a tiny real book and she can turn the pages. Bonus points if you also paint her toenails with footnotes.48Image
65So many wonderful books haven’t been turned into movies, and movies into books. But modern media has changed and we’ve got to keep up with times. Make a riveting, suspenseful, epic movie trailer for your favorite movie adaptation of a tweet, Instagram post, or TikTok that has slipped under Hollywood’s radar. – Inspired by Taylor H.38Video
66As I may have mentioned, I just released my first-ever audio book available for pre-order now but there are plenty of public domain books that still need to be read. Sign up for LibriVox or to record audio books and other materials to help with accessibility. Submit an image of the screen verifying your application. (Then, on your honor, you must record one if accepted.) – Inspired by multiple Gishers.25Image
67“It was a pleasure to burn.” Using pyrography or fumage, create a sign protesting book bans and censorship. [Book Recommendation]46Image
68The wealthy and punctual shouldn’t hold a Monopoly on access to library books. Set up a “Get out of The Library Free” station at your library checkout counter where people can leave a donation to help someone who needs to pay off their library fines.18Image
69Kafka’s insect having tea with the Lord of the Flies, complete with a tiny insect crown.33Image
70It’s the GISH annual No More Hunger Games – and you volunteered as tribute! Create care packages of shelf-stable, packaged food items and water and bring them to a food bank or people who are in need. Of course, your mockingjay pin of your own creation should be visible in the photo.29Image
71The life of the late, trailblazing actor, director and diplomat Sidney Poitier was forever changed when, as a teenager, a man befriended him and taught him to read, enabling him to read scripts and changing the trajectory of his entire future. Sign up to help bring literacy to an adult in need through,, or any adult literacy program in your area.17Image or Video
72(Stop Motion) You’ve heard of the 80’s pop sensation The California Raisins. Today, we’ve got the Grapes of Rap.34Video
73Show us a real page-turner. No, not a book – an actual contraption that turns pages for you, made from household items. The more complicated, the better. – Mieke H.48Video
74To Bee or Not to Bee? There’s no question: we’re pro-Bee. Create a bee drinking fountain that is a perfect recreation of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.43Image
75Teacher Luis Humberto Soriano Bohórquez of Colombia brings books to the people of his neighborhood via his “biblioburros” or “library donkeys,” Alfa and Beto. Turn your dog, cat, horse, or donkey into a bibliopet delivery service with lightweight books, then take them for a walk in a public place and hand out books to people you meet. (Books can be heavy, so be careful not to overload your furry friend!)29Image or Video
76S”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…” but it has also made Stephen King one of the most prolific authors of our time. Type out an alphanumeric portrait of the horror master using a manual typewriter, then tweet it to @stephenking and tag #GISH and #BookBash with a sweet note from “Constant Reader” in your post. [Book Recommendation]39Image
77Not everyone knows this, but the first novel ever written and the world’s first science-fiction novel were both penned by women authors. In honor of these literary trailblazers, show us Frankenstein’s monster reading a copy of The Tale of Genji. [Book Recommendation]33Image
78(Side by Side ) Jim Beaver wrote a beautiful and poignant memoir, Life’s That Way, about love and loss. Write a note to someone you have lost and then fold it into an origami flower that, like their memory, will never fade. Submit images of your note and the flower, side by side, online and tag @jumblejim, #GISH and #BookBash, then submit your original images to us with a link in comments. [Book Recommendation]29Image
79“It’s our human right to be crappy at something and still enjoy it.” – In Felicia Day’s Embrace Your Weird, she encourages readers to stop letting fear hold themselves back. Partner up with a loved one to do something that you both do badly, but love. [Book Recommendation]22Video
80The Illustrated Man’s got nothing on you: Using skin-safe markers, tattoo the story of the highlights of your life all over yourself so we can read you like a book. If you’re feeling more hieroglyphic you’re free to depict these moments using imagery instead of words.47Image
81My friend @yung_pueblo posts lovely meditative poetry on Instagram that reminds us to be mindful. Write your own poem in his style, reflecting on the prompt given here. Post yours on Instagram and tag @yung_pueblo, #GISH and #BookBash.21Image
82“Things are rough all over… but you still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want. There’s still lots of good in the world.” No one should ever have to feel like The Outsiders of the world. Send a note of welcome to a refugee that is new to your country in their language of origin and English. (If you can, include a small care package, too.) Stay Gold, Pony boy! Post your image online and tag @se4realhinton, #GISH and #BookBash, then submit the original image to us with a link in the comments. [Book Recommendation]34Image
83“When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real… It takes a long time. That’s why it doesn’t happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.” Take a photograph with an elderly loved one who is beautiful and very, very Real to you, dressed as The Velveteen Rabbit. [Book Recommendation]38Image
84Create a character from Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman out of sand and tweet it to @neilhimself & tag #GISH and #BookBash.41Image
85(Montage – Up to 30 seconds)We’re getting to the bottom of this once and for all: Interview at least 5 people, all in different decades of age, from youngest, to oldest. Ask them to tell you the answer to “Life, the universe, and everything.” (It cannot be “42.”) – Inspired by multiple Gishers. [Book Recommendation]42Video
86CHILDREN’S CORNER Young “honorary Gishers” deserve to be woven into the GISH story, so we created the Children’s Corner chapter of our List with small kids in mind. GISH participants of any age are welcome to tackle these Items. These Items are judged on participation, not result, so let your kids (or inner child) go wild — getting involved and having fun is the whole point!0N/A
87Parents can be so hard to put to bed at night. Read your parent a bedtime story that you wrote and illustrated..10Video
88Bring a storybook title to life: Hop on Pop, Go, Dog! Go!, The Cat IN the Hat… You get the idea.8Image or Video
89Create the most fabulous bookmark you can imagine. Extra bragging rights if it matches the style of the book you’re reading. – Victoria M..9Image
90Your imaginary friend loves sending mail. Help them write letters telling every person you know why they adore them, then deliver them for them.10Image
91AA child under the age of ten dressed in business attire, explaining the answer to the age-old mystery, “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” Bonus points if your presentation uses posters or other visual aids.7Video
92Act out the story of your favorite book using paper-bag or sock puppets.6Video
93Cursive penmanship is a dying art, but you’re one of the kids who can still rock joined-up letters. In fact, you can write your name in cursive forward and backwards. Show us. Bonus points if you can do it upside-down and backwards or backwards with your non-dominant hand.8Video
94Human authors sometimes add their pets’ names to books as co-authors, but your pet would never take credit unless it was earned. Show us your pet hard at work writing their next best seller! – Kat A. 8Image
95Some people call those who fold corners of a book “monsters.” But what if there are monsters in the corner of the book? Make a terrifying “book monster” corner bookmark that lives in the corner of your favorite book. . – Martina A.9Image
96Create a real “book fair” in your front yard where people can play games based on your favorite books.10Image
97Where exactly ARE all the wild things? Build a device to track them and show it in use.6Video
98Balance as many books as you can on your head while walking forward. The books must be alphabetized.5Video
99The Song of Achilles is a prize-winning book by Madeline Miller: a re-telling of Homer’s Iliad and a love story of Achilles and Patroclus — a tale so epic, it deserves its own musical. Write and perform a song from the musical telling the tale of their epic love story and post on it social media, tagging @millermadeline (@madeline.e.miller on Instagram) @GISH and #BookBash.32Video
100(Up to 30 seconds if Video) Art Speigelman’s Maus has been banned from some schools despite its obvious literary significance. Read Maus, then create a graphic novel page explaining why banning books is detrimental to society. Bonus karma points if you also donate a copy of Maus to a local school or library.41Image or Video
101(Up to 1 minute) The Monster at the End of this Book< is the most melodramatic book ever written. Prove it: rewrite an excerpt in olde English and perform it as a Shakespearean tragedy.19Video
102They say you are what you eat… Make a Very Hungry Caterpillar out of 100% edible materials. (You must eat the caterpillar after you take the picture.) – Inspired by Tracy L.25Image
103(Up to 30 seconds) If there’s anything TikTok loves, it’s a Dickensian dance craze. Show us how to do the “Oliver Twist!” Then, post it to TikTok or Reels tagged #GISH #BookBash, and #OliverTwist. Submit your original video plus a link to your post in comments.16Video
104Somewhere along the way, technology crept in and in our busy world, we don’t write as many love letters as we used to. Let’s change that! Write at least 2 short love letters and set up a “Take a Love Letter, Leave a Love Letter” station in a well-trafficked public place with materials like note cards, stickers, ink stamps, and pens.31Image
105We Create, Therefore We Live.” Help us spread the word, Gishers! Make a breathtaking “We Create, Therefore We Live” sign that epitomizes GISH to you. You may create our catchphrase out of anything you like (or a combination of materials): calligraphy, paint, candy, collaged magazines, books, buttons, recyclables, skywriting… You get the idea. Schedule or post it at exactly 8 PM PDT on social media and tag #GISH, #BookBash, & @mishacollins. Then, submit the original image to us and share/retweet/amplify as many other teams’ submissions across all of social media as you can, too. Make it trend, weirdos.42Image