Embark on a magical virtual quest to the center of GISHLandia where you’ll spend a weekend discovering your own untapped creativity and teaming up with friends to connect, have fun, and change the world!

Basic Registration for the 2021 GISH Wizards & Weirdos Scavenger Hunt is just $19.99!

That’s about the price of a trip to the movies or 100 coins of the realm for a whole weekend of world-changing fun—plus the chance to win one of THREE Prize Packs!

This year’s Wizards & Weirdos GISH Hunt is like none before it — we’re trying something new! Through fellowship and fortitude, three teams will be rewarded for their excellence in GISHIng, each in one of three classes: 

  • The Knights of the GISH Pentadecagonal Table of GISHLandia: Only the most bold and adventurous team in the land with the courage to conquer our List will be knighted as part of the Royal Order of the Knights of GISHlandia and honored with a mighty surprise treasure! 
  • The Bards of GISHLandia: No one can out-create or out-weird the team of jesters and Renaissance folk that will be named the official Bards of GISHLandia. The Bards of GISHLandia will be lauded throughout the land in epic poems and awarded with a mystery prize. 
  • The Clerics of GISHLandia: The team who best uses their creative magic to heal the world’s woes will be honored as The Clerics of GISHLandia and receive the Noble* Prize. But as with all things GISH, there’s a twist: We’re not telling you which Items will qualify your team for each of these categories — it’s up to your team to try to figure it out as you tackle the List, then head in to battle to win! *This is not a typo.
But we know not everyone can afford $19.99, so we created The Gisholarship Fund to help EVERYONE to be able to play.
Need help to pay for registration? Apply for a Gisholarship!

With our Gisholarship Fund, Gishers donate registrations to ensure everyone can be part of the GISH community, regardless of economic status. (We don’t always have enough donated registrations to help everyone, but we do our best to help as many as we can.) Gisholarships help change so many people’s lives, and deeply we appreciate Gishers who help make them happen.

Need a little help? Simply go through our registration process and when it asks for payment, select the Gisholarship option to apply




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