Win A Mishtery GISHtery Box!

What’s in the box?

You’re about to find out… For less than 36 hours, we’re giving you the chance to join us in creating a GISH’ed out mystery box for you and your friends!

Invite friends, strangers, co-workers, or family to the 2019 GISH Hunt. If they join, you and each of your friends could win a GISHtery Box: a specially curated box of surprises just for you and your gishy co-conspirators! The more friends you persuade to join, the more entries you get!

Ready to mess with your friends?
The Boxes are Coming.

Wait. “Mess with” how?!?

Okay, maybe “mess with” sounds a little diabolical, but that’s only because it is. Our expert GISH Mystery Box Developers will interrogate you to curate the perfect Box Full of Everything you and your friend(s) never knew you always needed. 

You get a box. They get a box.

Maybe we’ll send your friend who loves tea with honey a beekeeping kit and a peppermint plant. 

Maybe we’ll send your friend 500-pounds of glitter in a mesh bag to remind them how much they shine. Perpetually. Forever. On everything.

Or maybe we’ll send that one friend who loves AirBNBs and despises crinkly Cheetos-like foam packing material a night in a tent that’s filled with packaging foam.

You get the point. 

We will help you brew something up in our wicked GISH cauldron to make the ultimate “blind box” to make their dreams and dread—and yours—all come true!

I’m in. How do I enter?

Step 1. Join the Hunt and simply invite a friend or 2 (or 3 or… 14). Or, force their hand by gifting them a registration!

Step 2. If they accept and you are selected (five lucky gishers will win!), we’ll begin the process of creating “mayhem in a box” for you and your friends.

Step 3. For each friend you invite who registers, you’ll receive one entry to win.

You get a box.

They get a box.

Mayhem, confusion, & fun reign.

5 lucky gishers will win a Bespoke GISHtery Myshtery Box. Be one of them… Invite a friend to The Hunt now!


It’s fun & easy…

Step 1. Sign in to your GISH account. (If you aren’t registered, do that now!) 

Step 2. Go to your user profile in MY ACCOUNT at the top right.

Step 3. Scroll down to find the Referral Code & Referral Link.

Step 4. Tap the code to copy it to your clipboard,

Step 5. Share it! Send it in an email, post it on social media, text it to all your contacts, have it put in skywriting… Get everyone you know to join the Hunt using your code, and you could Win!