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Item 52: IMAGE. Someone ranked on IMDb’s Starmeter in the top 5,000 wearing a t-shirt with one of your Username's and “GISHWHES 2014.” Bonus points if the shirt also shows their Starmeter rank.

Team OffBeatsLovesNerdHeart

Comment: Does getting Chris Pratt, #9 (and probably higher by now) ranked on IMDB get us extra points?

Team VelLoveskalehuntersLovesTeamAwesomeSmilesLovescoolguysLovesHowSpockingLovesfandomsunitedLovesConfundedLovesUnusual_Suspects

Comment: I only had a few seconds to explain what I wanted Jason Momoa to do with the shirt I was handing him. He was initially confused, but as soon as I told him Misha Collins was the one behind it, he was all for it!

Team ShartJam

Team Shatner

Team Rampage

Comment: Jason Alexander is such a good sport! -Ellen Current

Team RadicalRenewalLovesGiraffeRenegadeLovesKakapo

Team GISHWHESepidemicLovesEndlessDream

Comment: C. Thomas Howell ImDb #1640. Super nice guy and I ALMOST had him talked into wearing the sock monkey hat. He got shy at the last minute. Awww.

Team MonkeyBrigade

Comment: A couple of out teammates really came through...wanted to include them all...they deserve it!

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