Gishwhes Hall of Fame 2016

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Item 30: Dub a “Beavis and Butthead” cartoon with actual audio clips from Barack Obama and Donald Trump as the voices for Beavis and Butthead respectively.

Team DistantNeighing

Comment: Fun Fact: When you shift the pitch on Donald Trump's he sounds a lot like a cartoon villain. The kind of cartoon villain who reveals about his entire evil plan to the hero just so he can brag about himself.

Team Werepires

Team Apokaleypse

Comment: Not a lot learned here... Trump eats terribly, but that wasn't a surprise. Some serious nostalgia watching old beavis and butthead episodes though, haha.

Team TheWaywardNerdsLovesCockaTudes

Comment: I honestly think that Trump would play a better Beavis and Obama a better Butthead. Live action movie, 2017?

Team Puddingpants

Comment: After sifting through hours of Donald Trump speeches for sound bites, I find myself genuinely astounded that he is more intellectually challenged than I had initially believed. DO THE RIGHT THING AMERICA (please) - a non-American citizen of the world

Team MischiefManagers

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