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Item 142: You know those roadside historical markers you drive by quickly while on your way to the art supply store, never bothering to read the details about how Jerry Lee Lewis stopped at this location to change a tire on his 1972 Cadillac Eldorado? Yeah, we think those things are a little bit boring too… It’s time to spice things up a bit. Make and place your own historical marker, documenting an event from your life of real importance. (Like where you had your first kiss, the place where you learned to tie your shoes, or where your mom bought crayons for your first day of school.) Make it look as much like those other historical markers as you can. Fool the public into thinking it was put up by your parks department.

Team SupernaturallyPotterheadsLovesHuntDemonPineapples

Comment: I


Team Scrumtrulescent

Team CodeThreeDrift

Comment: It took an hour to condense everything I wanted to say with this one. Then dig through the letters and make it real. I met the love of my life here, and one of my best friends. I was the goodie two shoe odd man out when I came into this program, and had a huge culture shock. I became an autism therapist to help people, and I hope that one day I can further advocate for troubled youth to believe in themselves and their futures, so that they don't have to face adulthood as roughly as the people I above mentioned did. -Chrissy Witt

Team Humanicorn

Team DestinationMoon

Comment: I live on a lake that's more than 3x the size of Sydney Harbour. On Australia Day in 2004, a friend and I launched newspaper boats. We were later at a Australia Day BBQ, when our boats washed up - on the other side of the lake!

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