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Item 167: Get at least 100 citizens of voting age in your country to pledge to you that they will vote in the next upcoming election publicly on social media. If your pledges are from US citizens, they must additionally pledge to register to vote or, if they are already registered, confirm their registration status in the next 10 days because many states are purging voters from the registration roles. If you are not registered to vote, encourage them to register as an absentee voter, because it’s easier and you don’t have to show up to the polls on election day. Your job in doing this item is to both collect the pledges and to pledge to remind your pledges to vote in the week prior to the next election in question. Submit your proof in the form of a collage of 100+ pictures of people holding up “I WILL VOTE!” signs along with their proof of registration (personal information redacted).

Team CharliesAngles

Comment: 100 voters from around the world - a concept.

Team HuManatee

Team MishasOrangeUndies

Team Brown(Trench)Coats

Comment: 104 future voters!

Team TeamNamesAreHard

Team ScoobyDoobyCrew

Comment: We don't have proof of voting registration in New Zealand, but everyone we talked to and photographed did pledge to vote, and is registered to vote.

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