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Item 170: They say “don’t color on the walls.” We say, “Don’t tell us what to do!” Conspire with at least one child under the age of 10 to create a mural on a wall in your house. The child is 100% in charge of the design & execution.

Team TrashBrigade

Team Y.A.G.B.I.C.

Comment: Kids are 2,6 and 8 and inspiration from several of the animals came from the 'Weir Do' books.

Team SqueeAF

Comment: My 8 year old daughter rosie could hardly believe it when I told her she could paint anything she could imagine on the playroom wall. She envisioned and executed the entire mural & she is more artistic than i could ever be. I am so proud. At one point i heard her say “uh-oh....” and then quickly said to herself “ah its ok. If theres no uh-oh then its not art.” Felt like watching a mini bob ross. Here is Rosie with her finished mural.

Team TheLastOfTheMishacans

Team Waywyrd

Comment: Per the artist, this is a robot who is also a hotel, as you can see by the long yellow arms and short green legs and all the windows. In the far right, a blue-green waterfall burbles merrily. The artist agreed to pose with parental permission, but prefers not to be named.

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