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Item 65: The new reality show "The Push", explores whether people can be pressured into committing a heinous act. We at the Hunt believe that people are basically good, and we want you to prove it: go Goodwill Hunting! In the style of “The Push,” but with the opposite result, convince a complete stranger to commit an act of extreme altruism and catch it on camera. They must not know they are part of the Hunt, but you must get their permission afterward to share the video.

Team CharliesAngles

Team GamesWfriendsWgames

Comment: He altruistically agrees to clean up after the table of messy dinners!

Team KissAGish

Comment: I was surprised how quickly I got 14 people to surprise the car behind them by paying for dinner.

Team Brown(Trench)Coats

Comment: Had to channel my inner Billy on the Street for this one. Took a while to find someone game to help out with no context!

Team DeathLovesPizza

Comment: This couple was on vacation from out of the country and were so kind. They were clearly uncomfortable with it (she waited across the street) but he did it anyway. We talked about Gish for a bit afterward & they may join the hunt next year!

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