GISH Hall of Fame 2018

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Item 75: TIMELAPSE. Icarus isn’t the only winged legend who shouldn’t fly too close to the sun. Create a wax figure of Castiel (complete with wings). Then, in timelapse, slowly melt him. Set it to your favorite dramatic score.

Team Scrumtrulescent

Team TheModern19

Comment: Poor little fat Cas. ~Emmalee S

Team CatsMeow

Team GoatsOfLetters

Comment: Using only the power of the sun. Also a glass dome.

Team LusciousLucifers

Comment: I came very close to melting my gopro in the process of filming this, but it was totally worth it - Frankie

Team SomeWish,WeGISH

Comment: God's light was, perhaps, a bit too bright.

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