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Item 100: TIMELAPSE. Write a phrase on a piece of wood of something negative you say about yourself to silence yourself or hold yourself back. Burn the wood and the phrase in a fireplace or fire pit. Use the ashes to write something affirming about your strong self on a sheet of white paper.

Team MishacadosLovesWeirdosSupportGroup

Team NachoMamas

Team I.H.O.G(InternationalHouseOfGishers)LovesWaywardHorsemen

Team GalacticHitchhikers

Team Supergishables

Comment: it meant a lot to me that my father helped doing it, as my parents both were partly responsible for this negative image I have of myself AND helped me a lot to overcome it. So even if it makes it a little shaky, I love that we could do it together.

Team AwkwardArmadillos

Comment: This is my 3rd year Gishing but the 1st year I am not letting my weight prevent me from doing items where I am on camera! I'm tired of not documenting the best moments of my life because I'm not a size 2.

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