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Item 108: Stonehenge was cool, but it just wasn't built with sustainability or environmental impact in mind, so now we're stuck with ancient druid clutter by the side of the road. As a modern druidic architect, you know better. Next to a highway, build an architecturally significant henge out of 100% recycled materials that represent our current culture. (Cardboardhenge, Styrofoamhenge, LaCroixCanhenge, etc). Stonehenge is 30’ (9.1m) tall, but don’t worry—yours can be as short as 1:3 scale—but it must include at least one dolmen.

Team #

Team OddLittleDucks

Comment: It's Cardboardhenge! The dolmen measures 3.2m tall! FYI, Highway = any public road (in the UK at least).

Team Pengwengs

Comment: A full replica, north aligned, cardboard was collected on recycling night from around town, includes three dolems of 3m and is beside our state highway! What an amazing experience!

Team GisheveledMasses

Team Bangarang

Comment: Stonehenge, Woodhenge... now Amazon Primehenge.

Team TrashBrigade

Comment: Yeah, Stonehenge is cool but have you been to Trashenge?

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