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Item 121: SIDE-BY-SIDE. You know those garden gnomes that dotted your grandmother’s backyard? Well, it’s been a while and now they have fallen on hard times. They have turned to a life of crime and misanthropy. Their little gnome hearts are filled with despair, hatred, and regret. Show us the before and after.

Team PetShark

Comment: I grew up in a gnome obsessed family. I inherited my Mema's and Mom's gnome collections and continue to add to them. My gnome family has some bad seeds joining them after the hunt. Victoria M.

Team WaywardUnicornsLovesThe_Outsiders

Comment: Lori

Team MishteryMachine

Comment: Meet Robert, or - as he’s called these days - Robby. Doing this task was so much fun and I got to paint Robby twice - he came to me painted neon pink from head to toe. And because I fell in love with him as I painted, I knew I would give him a full treatment (even if his back would never show up in the pictures). The back of his jacket sports a big “Hell’s Gnomes” logo as well as patches for “GNO M.C.” and “GNO MERCY” and his hat reads “OG REDCAP” Credit: Eevi Korhonen

Team OhTheHugeManateeLovesDosMas

Comment: thanks for the gnomes, mom. sorry.

Team InfinitelyScratchin

Comment: Gnomes in the clink.

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