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Item 131: You have accepted a new position with the Mars Tourism Bureau. To attract potential visitors to the wonderful Mars climate, you plan to inform them of the daily environmental trends. Create a 15-second video weather report, complete with temperature and wind descriptions and get a real weathercaster dressed as an alien to report it on local news during a live broadcast.

Note: Your Mars weather information must be real and correct for the day you submit your video! We will be checking!

Team SassyCassie

Comment: Forecast brought to you by Alex Herbst with KGBT

Team AwkwardTurtles

Comment: This is Meteorologist Kevin Arnone of WISTV10 in Columbia, South Carolina. He used to work with Heather at a local news station in CT. We called in the favor and he was all to excited to do it! Viewers got a laugh for sure!

Team Pudding

Comment: Team pudding. Jason Brown.

Team JellygishDangerFingers

Comment: Thanks to Brandon Libby, Meteorologist

Team I_Lost_My_Shoe

Comment: Special thanks to Alien Meteorologist Dan Skoff, anchor Chelsea Helms, and the awesome crew at KNWA, who stayed late to get me the video sent over.

Team MajesticGamecocks

Comment: Martian Weather by Ryan White

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