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Item 134: (UP TO 30 SECONDS). It’s time for GIFF - the GISH International Film Festival! Create a 30-second horror film. Noted author Neil Gaiman tweeted: “You've got a week to rob a bank using only a rattlesnake, radioactive uranium and a bottle of whiskey.” “Jed here has a week to steal a battleship using a goat, a can of gold paint, and three resin models of Warren G. Harding. Go!" Use either prompt as the plot of your GIFF film. Post your film on social media and be sure to tag #GISH and @neilhimself, then submit the video and the link to your post in comments.

Team AllJumbledUp


Team UnexpectedMonkeysLovesCrazyCraftersLovesTheFrenchMistake


Team Foxolotl

Comment: I tweeted this little beauty to the universe (and also to Neil and Misha) in this post here:

Team Gnomad




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