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Item 136: COLLABORATIVE. Join the movement to cross-stitch what you care about: create a cross-stitch picket sign for a cause you believe in. Connect with at least 2 other teams and craft a protest march on a street corner. - Item Written By Misha’s Mom

Team RoadToGory

Comment: Teams: Imweirdimaweirdolovesimpalanators, GingerTroubleLovesHydeAndGoSeek, RoadToGory

Team RedactedPterodactyl

Comment: I took way too long making my sign, but I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. It's the one smack in the center, and as an FYI, that's the Arizona state flag.

Team SoManyFrackles

Team THESCOOBIESLovesPurplecobras

Comment: Stitching to make the world a better place! By Maryssa Becker and Teams MOTHRA (Kiera), GishfinitywarlovesfellowshipoftheGISH (Erin), CLE2Laos (Brittany), and Unusualsuspects (Larenda)

Team SassyCassie

Comment: Morgan M - SassyCassie Erin K - GISHplease Brandi L - FistyLarue Sandra N - willresearch4pie Laura Y - TeamDeathtoNormalcy


Comment: Our sign says “Mind your own uterus” and took 6 hours to make!

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