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Item 148: You know that this is the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. But did you know that Woodstock the bird from Peanuts first appeared 2 years earlier? In 1967? So actually Woodstock the bird is 52. He’s drunk a lot of beer over the years and can’t hide it, but he is vain, so he’s had lots of work done. Tons of collagen and botox. He wears a toupee. He dyes his feathers. Show us what he looks like today.


Team Castiel'sAvengingAngels

Team WaywardBreakfast

Comment: Woodstock's trying to relive his glory days, but who knew dying your feathers could be so messy?

Team GishForFun

Team TeaTime

Comment: That was really funny to do! - Gio Guimarães

Team KaleMeBaby1MoreTime

Team KaleOfTheLord

Comment: Thanks so much to our alumni teammate Sarah Wymer, author of the famous chicken thoughts comics, for making this comic special for us!

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