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Item 165: Apparently, once upon a time, the US government weaponized ticks. (Really.) Show us a pinboard with an example of a tiny, weaponized tick, complete with Rambo-style military gear and assault rifles.

Team Goats!Goats!Goats!

Comment: These little pathogen carriers are fully weaponized to hunt, burrow, and infect! To find out what you can do about Lyme disease visit

Team KaleOfTheLord

Team DonutBanditsLovesNotBrainDead

Comment: A perfectly well balanced tick with to rifle assaults in the front and in the back plus EVERYTHING a good soldier inspired by Rambo movies needs. Even a Rambo wig and a headband...

Team TeaTime

Comment: I was at 02:00 AM drawing rifles for ticks! So much fun! - Gio Guimarães

Team CasTastrophe

Team WallaWallaBingBang

Team OhTheHugeManateeLovesDosMas

Comment: The more you look, the more you'll see!

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