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Item 177: Remember FloJo? Florence Griffith Joyner a world-record-setting Olympic athlete whose long, intricately painted fingernails made her an 80s style legend. Times marches on, and now instead of FloJo, we’ve got BoJo—but style trends endure. Paint a portrait of Boris Johnson, FloJo style—on your excessively long acrylic pinky nail.

Team Valkyries

Team DarkTiger

Team TurtlesAreIn[Redacted]IsOut

Comment: BOJO looked awefully lonely on that pinky nail, so I added the queen and a gaurd to keep him company!

Team Mishap

Comment: I needed a spot of gin after staring at Boris Johnson's face for so long while trying to fit him on a fingernail. -Sam C.

Team Schnitzeljaeger

Team MegaMishaMigos

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