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Item 197: We could all use a little extra help to stay afloat. You wouldn't go on a boat without a floatation device; why go through life without one? Create an "emergency life jacket" that you can wear when you feel a little underwater, out of your depth, or just like you need to be buoyed a little, customized with whatever will help you keep swimming.

Team Waywardarchangels

Comment: Credit to Elizabeth

Team TeamNamesAreHard

Team UnbrielievablyGouda

Team OddLittleDucks

Comment: Sometimes we just need a little time to ourselves, a good book and a cup of tea. Here's a jacket of things I often use to keep myself afloat.

Team ChubbyUnicorn

Comment: This life vest hold all my favorites to keep me safe, secure, and moving through life. It has FBI Dean to keep me company, Good Omens to enjoy, lots of chocolate, and a whole bunch of other necessities- including salt. Just in case....

Team Gnomad

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