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Item 204: COLLABORATIVE. This is not a drill! Your pillow fort is under attack. Build the world's most impenetrable Pillow Fort ever. You can include pillow cannons, catapults, etc. for defense, or just trust the integrity of your architecture. You may do this at home with family or friends, or collaborate with other Gishers in a public park. Then, defend it against the attackers (make sure there are extra pillows on hand for anyone who wishes to attack.)

Team Foxolotl

Comment: Omg there was a waterpark near us when we and 10+ other teams set this up. As soon as the kids saw pillows, we were overrun. Everyone had a ton of fun! -Kelsi

Team CharliesAngles

Team GISH!atTheDisco

Team Mangum-P.I.

Comment: These small minions claimed they were attacking for the glory of Kale, but we defended our pillow fortress with the ferocity of T. rexes and french pirates, because we were fighting for a far more glorious cause; we were fighting for Misha.

Team TequilaMockingbird

Comment: Shoutout to Dean for the speech inspo

Team OddLittleDucks

Comment: This was a really fun item to make ! We did the fort in a kid playground & it suited us since we were all playing like kids :-)

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