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Item 207: Put your friend on display as a human statue at your local art museum. You may use props. Include a didactic card explaining the piece and its significance as a true work of art as well as an Artist's Statement.

Team BurninGish

Comment: The Gish Museum of Fashion. Jim Nowlin (Timeless) Jim is an enigma of grace, compassion, and sensual beauty. A descendant of Cupid and Psyche, he is Passion. Thoughtful and inspirational, he creates a better world by living life to the fullest through a generous spirit and dance. He is an artist of his own making, expressing himself with costumes from second-hand and vintage clothing for a modern masterpiece. On loan to the world from his own private collection -LeFae team BurninGish

Team MisguidedHitchhiker

Team 404NotFound

Team TheGatesofKale

Comment: Teen Angst In the Digital Age circa 2019 Mixed Media, Organic, Time Based Sculpture The seeds for this work of art were planted sometime in the early 21st Century and required 9 months of incubation and 11 years of careful manipulation and exploration. This organic sculpture encompasses the daily struggle of both the individual teen age human and those who must coexist in her environment. This work of art is important in documenting the evolution of the active child to the socially encumbered teen. As an artist I seek to educate, enlighten and intrigue my viewers. I feel a work of art is successful if it makes you stop and question, evoking an emotional response in the viewer. While setting up this human sculpture piece at NCCA-Artsplace in Fremont, Michigan, many kids coming in for classes giggled and enjoyed the art while adults wished they could put their teenager in a glass box too! -Lindsay Isenhart

Team SaltyCircles

Comment: Kankakee County Museum, Kankakee, IL

Team CarryOnMyOnewordsons

Comment: We brought Art outside with our amazing human statue. -Dot Henrich

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