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Item 21: You're a real dish. No, really. You and a friend, dressed as commemorative collector plates, donating platelets (that's what plates bleed).

Team Regulators!

Comment: Unfortunately, neither of us were eligible to donate platelets without first being tested for antibodies (which can develop if you’ve ever been pregnant). LifeShare was happy to accept our whole blood donation though! We are both being tested for the antibodies, and we will go back to donate platelets if we are able. Always Fighting Keep! 😊

Team MomsOnFire

Comment: The ladies at the blood bank got a kick out of our commemorative plates.

Team Mooses&Squirrels

Team HellsBelles

Comment: I regularly donate platelets, so I was very excited for this item. The staff at the Red Cross loved it!

Team VenomousNarwhals

Team Goats!Goats!Goats!

Comment: The other people donating very much enjoyed our plates.

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