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Item 216: You're a _____, Harry! It's Harry Potter's birthday today (July 31). Let's envision what other jobs Harry Potter might've ended up doing if Hagrid had failed to make it to the hut-on-the-rock and Harry hadn't made it to Hogwarts. Post your image to social media with hashtag #GISH and #MuggleJobsForWizards.

Team SunSpots


Team Outatime

Comment: You're a shop assistant, Harry!

Team Y.A.G.B.I.C.


Team Unusualsuspects

Comment: It would probably be difficult for Harry to deny his ability to talk to snakes. Because of that he becomes a Languages Professor and he has just released a book about his thesis: Human/Animal Conversational Language Theory: Talking to Snakes and other Animals. Extra thanks to my beloved husband. Special guest in this picture: item #117 Link to Social Media:

Team Taswegians

Comment: Life for Harry still involved potions, he just didn’t know it!

Team MischiefManagers


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