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Item 23: (Up to 20 seconds. You may use fast-motion or tight editing). When baking, measurements are vital to the culinary success of your creation. Small missteps will ruin your souffle. Of course, measuring cups and spoons, over time, change size and volume due to humidity and aging. Let's use a measuring device that you trust and know intimately: your mouth. First, figure out exactly how much volume is in you mouth and then use it to source and distribute all ingredients to bake a cake. You may not use any utensils or measuring devices. Grab whatever ingredients you use to make a cake and place them on your counter and then, without using your hands to measure or fill, fill your mouth with the appropriate amounts of each ingredient and then deposit in your cake dish.(Yes, this means you would need to "bob for flour" in your flour bag and then "mouth spout" it into your mixing bowl). Once the ingredients are all safely in the mixing bowl (again, delivered by your mouth), you are allowed to mix it with any device--as long as that device is a part of your face. Bake it and enjoy it with a loved one (without using your hands).

Team Cas$assins

Team HolyHandgrenades

Comment: Note: mouth is a 1/8th measuring device. Cake was quite tasty a after baking.... not before.

Team TrashBrigade

Comment: I have salmonella now.

Team TheBreakfastClub

Comment: Don't eat cinnamon!!!

Team ARoseByAnyOtherName

Comment: This is my first GISH submission! This was my daughter's only birthday cake on her 21st birthday... I told her to imagine she was a baby bird. I think you would really, really like the full video of this, and I'm happy to share it with you!

Team ClumsyChaos

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