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Item 25: (UP TO 30 SECONDS) You've been bragging you can out-dunk a professional basketball player, and now it's time to prove it: go one-on-one for a 30-second milk-and-cookies dunk-off against a pro-baller. Your competitor must be a current or retired member of the NBA or WNBA. Bonus points if your competition is a household name. Post your video on social media tagging the player with #GISHDunkChallenge

Team We'reNoAngels

Comment: Completed by Kat and Ruby Benson

Team Supercatural

Comment: This morning I went head-to-head with former WNBA player, the second woman ever to dunk during a college basketball game, @exdunker Charlotte Smith in a Milk and Cookies Dunk Competition! #gish



Team Goats!Goats!Goats!

Comment: (Mr. Jackson does not have a twitter account himself.) Trent Jackson is a ball of energy. He has a fanastic sense of humor. I have many other dunks of his I couldn't fit in.

Team DeusExMishina


Team TwoChickenDinners

Comment: This was so hilarious. Nikki was a great sport and really got into it!

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