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Item 27: Food waste is a real problem in many countries. At the same time, food deserts are a problem, making it difficult for some people to get fresh, nutritious food. We're helping both problems in one fell swoop with our GISH Mobile Free Grocers! Get a grocery store to donate the day's "ugly" produce, day-old bread, and any other still-edible fresh foods to you, then go and distribute it as a GISH Mobile Free Grocer to people experiencing homelessness.

Team TheMillennialFalconLovesMishasMartyrs

Team TinyCas

Team DeusExMishina


Comment: I fed all the homeless in our county tonight! We ended up with many shifts of folks and donations. We are going to continue to partner with our anonymous donors and our local soup kitchen to continue to feed the needy every month from now on thanks to reaching out to complete this project. The only thing is cost me was a sunburn and 48 hours of hard work.


Comment: While doing this I found that 4 out of 5 grocery stores in my city already donate this kind of fresh food to local charities that feed the hungry and homeless. It helped restore a bit of faith in my city.

Team Wayward_Sunshines

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