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Item 32: We're putting you in charge of Supernatural canon for the day. Paint a cannon with an elaborate SPN mural showcasing something that you think should be canon, with a caption like, "It's #SPN Cannon!"

Team TrashBrigade

Comment: let them be happy, you cowards

Team Ad-Absurdo

Comment: #OurHeaven #SPNCannon

Team KaleOfTheLord

Team TheLimpingAssbutts

Comment: And they lived happily ever after! # spn cannon

Team TooManyFandomsOnOneTeam

Comment: Let it be so. Please let it be so.

Team SpaceDinos

Comment: It's SPN Cannon... or at least it should be. Cas deserves to hear that he is loved before the show is over forever. He's told Dean, Sam, Mary, and Jack that he loves them, and not a single one of them has said it back, either platonically or romantically, and that needs to change. I hope *sad face* Kay Rose Beauvais/KayRoseBee

Team KnightsofTARDISIA

Comment: DESTIEL IS REAL! Destiel is canon! Destiel is on a cannon!

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