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Item 42: TWO PICTURES SIDE-BY-SIDE IN ONE IMAGE. I always feel a lot of guilt about the tattoo items in GISH. The first time I added one, I thought it was funny until I saw the tatts and then I felt a little bad. Of course, it gives me a rush of power when I see them in person, and many of them are actually very cool... So I have an idea that allows me to keep feeling powerful, but takes away all of my guilt: Get a tattoo of the encouraging message you wish your higher self had written to get you through the tough times. Because I know many of you already have inspiring tattoos, you must submit two images. The first is an image of you getting the tattoo when you are halfway done at the tattoo parlor, in the chair, holding a sign that reads, "GISH made me do it." The second image is of the finished tattoo. If you can, include your triumphant face. (Don't include more than 2 images in your submission. Just one image with two photos side by side.)

Team NorfolkAndGood

Comment: When I first watched 'Swan Song' it was a very emotional episode to me. When I heard the 'Cause it's the blemishes that make her beautiful' quote, I had to pause the episode and let it sink in. All my life I felt that I should try to be perfect and I was so frustrated because I wasn't. But hearing this quote made me think of how much my mistakes are a important part of me, how they are the reason I can grow and become someone better. I wish someone had told me earlier that it's okay to make mistakes. Thanks to GISH I received the little push I needed to tattoo my favorite quote ♡

Team SanityForRent

Comment: There’s many Misha easter eggs! My shirt, my bracelet, the dandelion in the tattoo, and even a drawing of Misha himself! - Melanie M.

Team Wayward_Sunshines

Team CastielsIdjitsLovesDontBlink

Comment: This last year I finished a degree while working a full time job, and we all know momming is a full time gig too! To say there were times I want to give up is an understatement. I was always reminding myself to keep going, even when I wanted to quit, nevertheless I persisted.

Team MinistryofAbsurdity

Team DeathToNormalcy

Comment: I have been looking for a new Eeyore tattoo and one I'd like on my head. And then GISH happened. Asking for help has always been a problem for me. Still is. I have been trying to do better. Maybe now I'll remember. By Laura aka KuroYarn

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