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Item 50: Write a formal, one-page letter to Gina Haspel, the current Director of the CIA. In it you must outline a plausible, one-page decoding of the fourth Kryptos. The letter must frame the description as an urgent matter and must seamlessly deploy the term “wild unicorn training centers around the globe”. Post a photo of your letter on social media and tag @CIA.

Team Llama-nomenal


Team HuManatee


Team KaleOfTheLord


Team MomsOnFire


Team CharliesAngles

Comment: Text of the letter; Dear Ms Haspel, I would like to bring to your attention a matter of utmost importance. As you likely know, in 1990 Jim Sanborn left a sculpture on the CIA grounds. As you additionally know, the first three messages have been decoded, however (up until today) the fourth was utterly unknown. I’m happy to report that as part of the work of Misha Collins’ team (GISH), I have found a way to decode this message and in the process have discovered something of utmost importance and concern not just for the CIA but for the safety of our whole country. It’s fairly obvious from a cursory glance that message four bears a strong resemblance to message two, and thus it’s likely that the solution is based on a Vigenère cipher. As with the other puzzles, Kryptos is the most obvious first choice for a keyword, but what is the second keyword? I’ve managed to uncover the answer, and you’ll be surprised at what it is. Syzygy. Once you’ve discovered the keyword, the rest of the puzzle is simple. You just have to create a simple Vignere Square, and the answer becomes clear. Here’s where things grow complex, and I’m afraid, concerning Ms. Haspel. Here is what I discovered in the cipher: BEWARE THAT WHICH YOU DO NOT KNOW X YOU BELIEVE YOU HAVE THE TRUTH BUT THE THREAT IS NIGH X WATCH FOR WILD UNICORN TRAINING CENTERS AROUND THE GLOBE X ARE YOU PREPARED? As you can see, the message appears to be a direct threat not just to America, but to the planet as a whole. I sincerely urge you to bring your attention to this matter. Best Regards, Olivia James Tweet:

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