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Item 55: TRIPTYCH. Dawid Planeta illustrates his depression as mysterious creatures. In a 3-panel illustration, show your biggest fear or struggle as a symbolic creature with which you gradually come to terms. Label it so we know what your creature represents.

Team TheStarrySnailLords

Comment: I tried portraying my self-hatred as this weird shadowy figure, because sometimes it feels like it follows me like one. But, as pictured, I'm slowly learning to appreciate and love myself more. :)

Team Schnitzeljaeger

Team Subtext

Team PumpUpTheJam

Comment: Fear of failure, art by Esther Viola (team Pump up the Jam)

Team FrekkasNisse

Comment: You can conquer your anxiety monster. ROARARARAR

Team SassyCasties

Comment: I am a conquerer. Not because I've defeated my anxiety but because I've learned to live with it and that perhaps it's not as terrifying as I first imagined. Thank you for this item.

Team Harold

Comment: My painting represents my struggle with depression the creature represents my negative thoughts in the first picture I'm running away from it in denial the second I have stopped to face it and in the third I am accepting of it holding it's hand , so I can overcome my negative thoughts.

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