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Item 57: Send noods! There’s been an epidemic of people sending explicit noodle photos to unsuspecting people. We believe consent is important, and in this case, we consent—with some STRICT caveats: Recreate a TASTEFUL image of a famous nude painting or sculpture in noodles ONLY and then post it on social media tagged #SendNoods. Submit your actual image and a link to the tweet in your comments.

Team TurtlesAreIn[Redacted]IsOut

Comment: She's beauty. She's grace. She's got a noodle face

Team chuck'sangels

Comment: Cruel... just started keto and now I have BAGS of pasta in the house. Thanks Misha! lol :P - Also the only reason why I use Twitter... ever, is for GISH :) Colleen Dontigny

Team PurrfectCatstiel


Team TeamCatsteelLovesHighEnergyDumbasses

Comment: I think I've added a new medium to my art kit. 😄

Team JiggeryPokery


Team TrashBrigade


Team ThoseMeddlingKids!

Comment: Lilith, made very painstakingly and lovingly by 3 teammates using many different dry noodle varieties. We may have pasta shards embedded in our palms...forever. We are her proud moms now. Heidi (Sarah & Brittany)

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